Rumors were buzzing last Friday as TMZ Sports announced that Brandi Rhodes, a former In-Ring Announcer, would be joining the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Roster. On Monday, TNA Management confirmed those rumors to be true.

So it was official, Brandi Rhodes would be joining the IMPACT Wrestling team, but there was much speculation about her husband, Cody.

On Thursday, we saw a tease of who would be making their way to IMPACT. The world went wild with guesses and possibilities!

But during Thursday night’s IMPACT on POP, we got confirmation. Cody is coming to IMPACT. And he’ll be making his arrival at Bound For Glory on October 2.

A game-changer to say the least. But what does this mean? What will happen when Cody makes his presence felt at Bound For Glory? And who does he have his eye on?

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Aron Rex and Drew Galloway Will Face Off In the Impact Grand Championship At Bound For Glory

The first ever IMPACT Grand Championship was born only a few weeks ago. TNA President, Billy Corgan made the announcement of this Title, and then revealed that the Grand Championship would replace the King Of The Mountain Title. This would be bring a newness to the style of pro-wrestling. An evolutionary Tournament style of competition that would have many rules and regulations that must be followed.

This tournament started with 8 men, but slowly began to dwindle down to the strongest and toughest competitors with elimination every week. Now, one week away from Bound For Glory, there are two competitors left whom will face off in the Grand Championship Finals.

Aron Rex versus Drew Galloway! Two men that have wanted to tear each other apart for quite some time! This all began when Drew Galloway attacked Aron Rex after he special guest referred a match between Drew and EC3.

The animosity was only beginning to arise! When the unveiling of the new Title was made, Drew Galloway and Aron Rex were the first two in the IMPACT Zone. They were ready to fight!

With the debut match of Aron Rex ahead, it was only the beginning of this feud. We watched both men advance round by round to make it to where they are now. Aron Rex says that the key to his success is that he can adapt to his surroundings.

These guys are more than ready to battle and that’s obvious! After Aron Rex’s victory over Eli Drake on Thursday night’s IMPACT on POP, Drew came out of nowhere when Aron Rex was giving his thoughts and feelings on going to the Finals.

At Bound For Glory, one man will experience a monumental moment as they walk away the first ever IMPACT Grand Champion.

Who will it be? Will it be newcomer, Aron Rex? Or will Drew Galloway steal the show?

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What has transpired between Decay and Broken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, and Reby Hardy is the definition of madness. We’ve seen two teams fighting for their demented rights and craziness.

It all began during the Final Deletion when we watched Broken Matt Hardy classify Brother Nero as obsolete. We watched the deletion process turn him into a Broken Brother Nero who would do anything that his Brother Matt demanded. Even sacrifice himself for Broken Matt’s victory!

With a number one contender’s victory under their belt, Broken Matt and Brother Nero were set to face the Tag Team Champions, Decay in the future. But Brother Nero and Abyys had an encounter before they had the chance to fight for the Tag Team Title.

After the Hardy’s defeat, Broken Matt and Brother Nero wanted a shot at revenge against Decay. During a battle with Crazzy Steve in the IMPACT Zone, things erupted!

So Rosemary was at the Hardy’s Estate to kidnap Maxel? Chaos was in full force.

But that was only the beginning of the massacre. A couple weeks ago, we witnessed the craziness that went down in Cameron, NC. It was Delete or Decay that left the world buzzing!

Last week, we found out the fate of the Hardy’s and learned that at Bound For Glory there would be a Great War between Decay and the Hardy’s. This will truly be a night of mayhem.

Tonight at 8/7c on IMPACT on POP, Decay has a warning coming for the Hardy’s. What will be said? And what will happen when they come face to face in the ring?


This is only the beginning of the war and you can’t miss what’s going to happen next!

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X-Division Title Match: Current Champion, DJZ VS Trevor Lee

Accomplishing a goal that you’ve worked hard for is something magical. Something that many dream about and some never get to achieve. But DJZ, put in the labor to make an enchanting victory possible.

It was gut, ability, and athleticism that allowed this win to happen. DJZ astonishing high-flyer, is now a 2 time X-Division Champion. Those moments of victory are always something to celebrate.

“At some points I didn’t think I would ever get back to this title, but this year in 2016, I’ve been working harder than ever,” said DJZ.


The X-Division Title is one that is special to many. It is part of the foundation that TNA was ultimately built on. It takes talent and want.

Obviously stated, the X-Division is everything to its competitors.

Tonight on IMPACT, we will see two men head to the ring to compete. One defending the X-Division Title, and the other eager to snatch the glory.

At 8/7c it’ll be DJZ versus Trevor Lee in the six-sided ring. Will Trevor Lee have his partner-in-crime, Andrew Everett beside him? Will DJZ be able to retain his most prized possession? Find out tonight on IMPACT on POP!


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Bound For Glory is less than 2 weeks away and many Stars and Knockouts are preparing themselves for battle! Two matches that many are much anticipating are EC3 versus Lashley for the World Title, and Maria Kanellis-Bennet versus Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title.



But today, we learned of another match that will take place on October 2. A Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match where the winner will be guaranteed a shot at the World Title! Not only will the winner get the chance to challenge the Champion for this Title, but he will also declare when the match will take place.

The first time we ever saw the likes of a Bound For Gold match was at Bound For Glory 2015. IMPACT Stars like Robbie E, Eli Drake, and Tyrus were all involved. This match was an intense battle among many men, but Tyrus used his dominance to come out on top.

“Last year I won Bound For Gold despite the distractions and other circumstances that didn’t go my way. But this year, I have Fixed those issues and will be a 2x Bound For Gold Winner and NEW number one contender. #Nuffsaid,” said Tyrus recently to TNA Management.

Because of the convenience of the winner deciding when they would like to challenge for the World Title, last year Tyrus used his shot when the timing was right.

Who will be challenging in the Bound For Gold Gauntlet Style match this year at Bound For Glory? Will we see Tyrus? And will we see the likes of IMPACT Stars that participated last year back and eager to earn the gold?

It’ll be a night full of action, intensity, and athleticism on October 2. You won’t want to miss it!

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Maria Kanellis-Bennett To Hold a Public Workout on IMPACT on Thursday

A couple weeks ago, Maria Kanellis-Bennett became the current the Knockouts Champion after pinning a member of her own Lady Squad, Allie. This was a night changed the course for many people- Allie, Maria, and other Knockouts included. This was also a night that solidified Maria’s appearance at Bound For Glory. But we were yet to find out who she would face.

Taking away her role as Leader of the Knockouts was only the beginning! Chairman, Dixie Carter was bound to give Maria what she deserves. And she did just that with a little help from future TNA Hall of Famer, Gail Kim.

So it was set, Maria Kanellis-Bennett versus 5-time Knockouts Champion Gail Kim at Bound For Glory on October 2. A match that everyone is waiting to see!


This morning, it was announced that Maria is going to be holding a public workout on Thursday’s IMPACT on POP. What does that even mean?

Maria Kanellis-Bennett recently told TNA Management, “This will be a public workout in the IMPACT Zone that will show everyone why I am the greatest Knockouts Champion in the history of Champions!”

But how will she do that? And who will be involved in this public workout?

IMPACT Knockout, Allie gave TNA Management a little insight about what will happen by saying, “Ms. Maria asked me to find somebody with very little experience. She made sure that I asked all of the important questions- How tall are you? How afraid are you of Ms. Maria? It’s very important that Ms. Maria look her best!”

Does that mean that Maria will be holding a mock match with someone? And is Maria doing this in preparation for her match against Gail Kim at Bound For Glory?

Lady Squad member, Sienna, recently said, “Holding a public working is how we’re getting Maria warmed up for her big match against Gail at Bound For Glory. Gail thinks she has it in the bag, but she is severely underestimating what Maria is capable of. Maria is not a wrestler and she admits this, but she is a genius.”

There’s so much to learn on IMPACT this week. Tune in at 8/7c to get all of the details.

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Brandi Rhodes Signs With IMPACT WRESTLING


On Friday it was TMZ and TMZ Sports breaking the news that Brandi Rhodes had signed with Impact Wrestling. News spread all throughout the weekend and TMZ Sports even discussed this situation on Fox Sports 1. Earlier today the news became official.

Brandi Rhodes is a Knockout. In an exclusive interview with the voice of Impact Wrestling, Josh Mathews, Brandi talked about the process and how it feels to be a Knockout now competing on Thursday nights inside our six sided ring.

Brandi is no stranger to the bright lights of a thrilling wrestling event, but now Brandi will be in the action competing with the likes of Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sienna and Jade and looking to test herself against the best.

We look forward to the debut of Brandi Rhodes in the coming weeks on Impact Wrestling.


The main event for Bound For Glory is one thing that we know for sure, and it will be an incredibly memorable match. We’ll see the ass-kicking machine, EC3 go up against the juggernaut of force, Lashley for the World Title on Oct. 2. But as for what’s to come before then is always uncertainty.

On Thursday, we got a clear example of this uncertainty. At the beginning of the night, Moose and Lashley exchanged a couple hard hits and then Moose told Lashley that he would beat the hell out of him!

These two we’re destined to go at it in a full blown fight. Lashley even told Moose that he would make him famous!

It’s easy to say that both men wanted to tear each other apart when they finally would get the chance to fight. And they did so! But did you expect this to happen?

Out of nowhere, it was Moose, Lashley, Miracle and the Ass-Kicking Machine, EC3! 4- men in the ring at one time that have all created animosity with each other at some point.

Looking back, Miracle was the first man to ever pin EC3!

And Moose and Miracle were friends that turned into enemies!

On Thursday, we’ll witness a match that will be unforgettable. EC3 and Moose versus Lashley and The Miracle. So much history and so much previous hatred- anything can happen!

This is a match that you HAVE to see next week at 8/7c on IMPACT on POP. What will happen when 4 incredible athletes are fighting in the six-sided ring?



Aron Rex’s made his way to IMPACT in early August, but we had yet to wrestle until last week’s IMPACT on POP. Aron Rex faced X-Division Star Trevor Lee in the Grand Championship Tournament, and he made sure that Trevor Lee knew that he was doing the match HIS WAY!

Aron Rex advanced to the IMPACT Grand Championship Semi-Finals, where he will be facing Eli Drake this Thursday. This match will be an interesting one because both men possess such unique qualities.

When Eli Drake battled Jessie Godderz in the first round of the Tournament, things got heated.

Who will move forward to the next round? Will it be Eli Drake with all of his competitiveness and pride? Or will it be Aron Rex, a strong newcomer on the roster?

Whether it be Aron Rex or Eli Drake who moves on, one man will be named the IMPACT Grand Champion at Bound For Glory on Oct. 2!

Find out who will move forward at 8/7c on IMPACT on POP on Thursday!