What’s Next For Laurel Van Ness?

It was chaos, pandemonium and as far as the Lady Squad is concerned, utter failure when what was supposed to be a magical day for bride-to-be, Laurel Van Ness quickly turned into a disaster of an event.” For the ones watching at home, the term “crash and burn” is completely an understatement. Laurel’s wedding can only be described as a complete and total meltdown…well from her perspective. From the moment that Braxton Sutter didn’t say yes, one couldn’t help but notice Laurel’s reaction and distress. We watched as Laurel began to have an anxiety attack and sob drinking expensive champagne straight from the bottle. Laurel was broken. To make the occasion worse, Braxton professed his love to Allie in front of the entire world. This moment was shocking for some and heartwarming for others as, amidst all the chaos happening around them, Allie and Braxton locked eyes (and lips) in the middle of the ring. The Impact zone erupted with cheers and Maria Kanellis-Bennett erupted with anger at what was taking place.

But we have to wonder, what is next for Laurel? The wedding ended with Laurel distraught in the ring, covered in champagne. How could she ever recover from this life changing event? Although, we all have to wonder about her motive behind the wedding. Was Laurel more upset about the failure of her “love life”, or was she more so embarrassed than anything? While Laurel was stating her wedding vowels, she made sure to capitalize on this statement, “When you love someone, all that matters is that one person has a lot of zeros in their bank account.” After all, Laurel’s daddy spent nearly 2 million dollars on the wedding and the events that came before. It was said that Mr. Van Ness forked out $300,000 alone on alcohol for the big day! No wonder Mike Bennett couldn’t stand up! Speaking of Mike, Maria’s dreams were also crushed. This wedding wouldn’t have been possible without her help and event coordination skills. Could this event change the future for Maria and Laurel’s friendship?

The last time IMPACT management saw Laurel she refused to give any answers on her feelings, but we closely watched as she stumbled back to the locker room and we heard her mutter this. “I hate Allie…I hate Allie…the sun will come out tomorrow….but I HATE ALLIE!”

We do have hope that Laurel can bounce back though! A beautiful, intelligent young lady, Laurel always seems to make a mark on whatever she chooses to involve herself in.

IMPACT Wrestling Results, February 23, 2017: Full Episode

Want all of the action in 60 seconds? We’ve got you covered…

Impact opens with Broken Matt Hardy revealing that he may lose some of his powers during the odyssey. He transfers his powers to Brother Nero, who then has a premonition that Broken Matt will be traveling to Egypt!

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are in the ring. Cody calls out Moose to thank him for watching Brandi’s back while he was gone. Moose says that Brandi has his number but Cody takes it the wrong way and accuses the two of sleeping together. Brandi insists that Cody is joking. Cody admits that it was in bad taste – and then hits Moose with a low blow, followed by the Cross Rhodes!

Tyrus vs. Eli Drake

During the match, Drake tells Tyrus to lay down for him but Tyrus refuses. Drake proceeds to knock out referee Earl Hebner, causing the match to end in a no contest. Drake tells Tyrus that he’s getting a raise – and that’s enough to persuade Tyrus to continue being Drake’s bodyguard! The two hug it out in the middle of the ring.

Maria and Sienna are preparing for Laurel and Braxton’s wedding tonight. Maria notes that the ringbearer, Allie, is late.

Broken Matt returns from Egypt as the King in Gold. He brings a boat with him that will hold all the tag team championships they win in Expedition of Gold!

Jade calls out Rosemary to the ring. Rosemary tells Jade that she’s finished with her and is moving on to other members of the Knockouts roster. Jade refuses and challenges Rosemary to one final match – a Last Knockout Standing match for the Knockout’s championship! Rosemary accepts and the match will happen in the near future.

Backstage, Braxton Sutter is contemplating calling off the wedding tonight. Mike Bennett is there to comfort him but all Sutter can think about is Allie.

Bram w/ Kingston vs. Jessie Godderz

Kingston picks the ankle of Godderz, allowing Bram to take control. Godderz begins to build momentum after hitting a big Blockbuster from the top rope. Godderz locks in the Adonis Crab. Kingston gets up on the apron but Godderz catapults Bram right into him! Godderz rolls up Bram to pick up the win. Jessie Godderz defeated Bram w/ Kingston.

After the match, Godderz takes out both Bram and Kingston before retreating up the ramp.

Broken Matt and Brother Nero teleport to the mid-Atlantic. They’re confronted by the promotion’s no.1 contenders, the Mid-Atlantic Outlaws. They hand over their no.1 contendership to the Broken Hardys, who then begin their search for the tag team champions!

Allie arrives and tells Maria she doesn’t want to be the ringbearer but Maria says she has no choice. Allie storms out of the room before running into Braxton Sutter. Allie asks him if he really wants to marry Laurel – Braxton tells her that it’s not up to him.

The Broken Hardys find the Mid-Atlantic tag team champions as a huge brawl breaks out between the promotion’s other roster members. The champions grant the Broken Hardys their tag team title match and it’s on!

The Broken Hardys (Broken Matt & Brother Nero) vs. Mathis & Rage – Mid-Atlantic Team Championships – Expedition of Gold Match #2

The action spills to the outside as Brother Nero throws Rage down the stairs in a garbage bin!
Back in the ring, Broken Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Mathis. Brother Nero follows up with the Swanton Bomb to win. At the conclusion of the match, The Broken Hardys defeated Mathis & Rage to become NEW Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions on their EXPEDITION of GOLD.

After the match, the Broken Hardys teleport back to the Dome of Deletion with their newly won gold.

Josh Barnett vs. Bad Bones

Lashely is on commentary during the match.

Barnett hits Bones with a massive powerbomb. Barnett connects with a Northern Lights suplex, then locks in the Kimura to win by submission. Josh Barnett defeated Bad Bones. Lashley stares down Barnett before they meet for the world title next week.

Trevor Lee (c) w/ Gregory Shane Helms vs. DJZ – X-Division Championship

DJZ launches himself over the top rope, taking out Lee before the bell rings! DJZ hits Lee with a Hurricanrana on the outside of the ring. Lee catches DJZ off the ropes and connects with a German suplex. DJZ hits Lee with a big reverse Hurricanrana. Helms picks DJZ’s ankle from ringside. DJZ goes for the ZDT but Lee rolls him up to win off the distraction. Trevor Lee defeated DJZ to retain the X-Divison Title.

After the match, Lee grabs a chair but his former Helms Dynasty partner, Andrew Everett, makes the save for DJZ. Everett connects with a Shooting Star Press on Lee.

Maria approaches Braxton Sutter backstage and says he knows what will happen if he doesn’t marry Laurel tonight…

The Wedding of Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter

Braxton, Laurel, Maria, Sienna and Mike Bennett are in the ring. Aron Rex and Spud are the flower boys. Maria calls out the ringbearer, Allie. She isn’t wearing the dress that Maria told her to wear and Braxton is shocked by her beauty. Laurel reads her vow and it’s mostly about how she wants to change Braxton to be more like her. When it’s time for Braxton to read his, he says he forgot to write it down. Braxton refuses to say “I do” and reveals that he’s in love with Allie! He tells the world that Maria was going to fire Allie if he didn’t marry Laurel. Maria attempts to fire her but not before Allie quits! A brawl breaks out as Braxton takes it to Bennett and Brooke evens the odds for Allie. It’s total anarchy except for in the middle of the ring where Braxton and Allie share their first kiss.

Next week, Lashley defends the world title against former UFC heavyweight champion, Josh Barnett. Don’t miss it!

Trevor Lee: The Technical Savage

Savage indeed. Trevor Lee currently reigns as a 2x X Division Champion on the IMPACT Roster. What once was a trio, Lee and his manager Gregory Shane Helms are collectively known as the Helms Dynasty. It was under the leadership of Helms that Trevor Lee first captured the X Division Championship with a victory over Tigre Uno in February 2016. This big win was something that Gregory Shane Helms and Trevor took pride in.

Trevor’s first X Divison Title win was all before the induction of Andrew Everett to the Helms Dynasty. Andrew Everett, also a North Carolina native, instantly became best friends and allies with Trevor in April 2016 when he first came to IMPACT Wrestling. We’ve watched as Trevor and Andrew have competed in multiple matches alongside one another, both with the understanding that while redefining the X Division they both are fighting for the same purpose. Both men find ultimate importance in bringing success to the Helms Dynasty.

But two weeks ago, all of that changed. All three men came to the ring for what the world believed was going to be a celebration of Trevor Lee’s second X Division Title win. To our surprise, we watched as fingers were pointed and names were called. One man was classified as the “weakest link,” and that man was Andrew Everett.

Embarrassment at its finest. One can only imagine what’s going through the mind of former teammate and friend, Andrew Everett. It seems as if success has gone to the head of both Trevor Lee and Gregory Shane Helms.

Tonight we’ll watch as Trevor’s journey continues. Trevor will fight DJZ for the X Division Championship on IMPACT on POP. Could this moment serve as a redemption moment for DJZ? Will DJZ become a 3x Champion or will the Helms Dynasty continue to be victorious? These two certainly have quite the rich history.

Is another victory in the cards for The Technical Savage? Will we continue to see Trevor relish in success? Find out tonight at 8/7c.

Josh Barnett Hit List

MMA star and professional wrestler, Josh Barnett, made his very first IMPACT Wrestling appearance on February 16, 2017, when he stormed out to the ring after current World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley, said there was no one that could take the Title away from him.

As Josh stated during his confrontation with Lashley, he is a competitor to his core and has gained several accolades over the course of his successful career as an MMA fighter, the most notable of which being the youngest UFC Heavyweight Champion. With over 35 MMA wins, 8 of which were by knockout, he has proved to be a fierce challenger with a history of achievement. Will he be the one to take the World Championship away from Lashley?

In anticipation for his match against Lashley, we have compiled a Hit List of some of Josh Barnett’s most notable MMA wins.

Josh Barnett vs. Gan “The Giant” McGhee

In his UFC debut, Barnett took on 6’ 10” fighter, Gan “The Giant” McGee. Despite only being 6’ 3”, Barnett started his career out with a powerful win via TKO in the second round.

Josh Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt

If Gan “The Giant” McGee wasn’t intimidating enough, 7’ 0” Dutch kickboxer Semmy Schilt was another opponent he faced early in his career. He challenged Schilt two fights in a row and won both times by armbar submission.

Josh Barnett vs. Randy Couture

Barnett was given a title shot for the UFC Heavyweight Championship against then-champion Randy Couture. He won via TKO to become the youngest-ever UFC Heavyweight Champion. Couture eventually became a UFC Hall of Famer.

Josh Barnett has faced some of the most dangerous men in the MMA world and is no stranger to the wrestling ring, but one has to wonder what he can do against the likes of a 4x World Champion in Lashley. Giants will collide when these two men go toe to toe in seven nights in the Impact Zone! What will happen is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain; no wrestling fan will want to miss all the action on next week’s episode of IMPACT on Pop.

Jessie Godderz and The DCC

Jessie Godderz is no stranger to competing against alliances. As a contestant on the hit reality show, Big Brother on CBS, he knows how strong the bond can be between coalitions, as he vied to stay in the Big Brother House over the course of two seasons. Conversely, he has proved to be a forced to be reckoned with as part of a team. He and Robbie E make up the Bromans, who are a fierce duo and two-time IMPACT Tag Team Champions.

Jessie’s experience was beneficial as he took on Kingston from The DCC last week on IMPACT on Pop. The match was a one-on-one contest and both men looked evenly matched, but Godderz prevailed with a high-fly off the ropes and got the pin. After the victory, Jessie was quick to leave the ring knowing the pattern of The DCC to seek retribution.

Tomorrow, he must use those skills yet again as he faces Bram from The DCC inside the six-sided ring, which will be no easy feat. Bram has been training with the leader of The DCC, James Storm, whose long career with IMPACT has seen multiple victories and title wins. Storm is a record seven-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, securing the title with 3 different partners, and has no doubt passed along crucial advise to Bram in order for The DCC to prevail this time around.

If Jessie defeats Bram, will James Storm take matters into his own hands? Will he be able to rally his team back to being an unstoppable force? Or, will the younger, potentially hungrier Jessie Godderz be too much for the newly formed faction to overcome? Only time will tell.

Where In The World Are Matt And Jeff Hardy?

That’s a good question. Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero have been exploring and conquering areas of the world that might seem a little unfamiliar to most. Already World Tag Team Champions, Matt and Jeff have made it their goal to reign as the greatest tag team champions in all of space and time. With that being said, Matt and Jeff will go to all ends of the earth to make that possible. On the February 9 episode of IMPACT on POP, we watched as Matt and Jeff teleported to Tijuana, Mexico via Vanguard 1! Who knew that a drone could hold so many talents?

While in Tijuana, Matt and Jeff battled Super Crazy and Psycosis for the Mexican Tag Team Titles. While they walked away successful, their journey was only beginning as they teleported back to North Carolina. What’s next?

So if you’re wondering where Matt and Jeff Hardy will be this upcoming Thursday night, we can plan to find the two challenging for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles. Will they be successful on this stop of their expedition? Vanguard 1 seems to be having the time of his life on their voyage.

Broken Matt Hardy recently answered a few questions regarding he and Brother Nero’s Expedition of Gold and future plans-

IMPACT- We see that you and Brother Nero will be challenging for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles this Thursday night, can you give us any clues as to what we will see?
Matt-You will see us teleport into an incredibly different scenario than we did in Mexico. The characters that we’ll meet in this odyssey are quite entertaining and delightful. Ultimately, being the #EXPEDITIONofGOLD, we must go to battle to procure more Tag Team titles, more gold.

IMPACT- Can you give us a hint as to where you and Brother Nero will continue your journey to after attempting for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles?
Matt-Here’s a hint – Some people will think that Vanguard 1 took a “WRONG TURN” when he teleported us.

IMPACT- What is it like to own a drone, like Vanguard 1, that can teleport you to any destination location?
Matt-It’s absolutely exhilarating. Many people assume it’s a dog, but Vanguard 1 is truly Man’s Best Friend.

IMPACT- It’s evident that your Broken Brilliance is bringing newness and uniqueness to the sport of professional wrestling, what can we expect to see months down the road?
Matt-I will continue to enter new territory and accomplish things that have never been seen before in this industry. I will continue to blow people’s minds.

Friends To Frenemies: Top 3 Worst Celebrity Falling Outs

It’s no secret that friends fight. No matter who you are, you’ve been there. And it’s a known fact that when you and your supposed to be best bud don’t see eye to eye- it’s more than frustrating. Sometimes it seems like your friendship fails faster than you can blink an eye, and other times it’s a slow evolution of a downfall. Recently on IMPACT, we’ve seen Eli Drake and Tyrus evolve into quote on quote “frenemies.” We’ve watched as both Tyrus and Eli’s worlds have collided due to disagreement and attitude change. Tyrus, a man who is known as “The Fixer”, previously had Eli’s back during many circumstances. But now Tyrus is standing up for himself and letting the world know that he will not be disrespected. This week they will go one on one to settle their dispute.

With all of this being said, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable celebrity friendship failures in all of pop culture.

1. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

(Photo credit: businessinsider.com)

The drama began back in 2012 but wasn’t in the spotlight until 2014 when Taylor Swift mentioned Katy in an interview. The two were best friends who openly let the world know through social media for years. That was all until Katy supposedly stole Taylor Swift’s backup dancers and Taylor wrote a song about the hatred. Taylor’s song “Bad Blood” hit the top of the charts and created more animosity. It’s safe to say that a lot went wrong between these two.

2. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

(Photo credit: eonline.com)

In 2003, Paris and Nicole found worldwide fame when their reality television show “The Simple Life,” premiered. It was reported that jealousy got the best of their relationship. Paris went on to make comments about Nicole in magazine articles and to the media. Some say that majority of their feud was fabricated, but whatever went down between the two caused a friendship failure that couldn’t be mended.

3. Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus

(Photo credit: mtv.com)

Both incredibly successful women in the music industry, it seemed as if Miley and Nicki’s mishap had been building for several years. The world witnessed controversy on national television between the two ladies during the 2015 VMAs. When Nicki was presenting an award that the VMAs, she made this comment at Miley “Back to this b**** that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press.” Miley, returning back to the stage shot back by saying this, “Hey, we’re all in this industry. We do interviews and we all know how they manipulate this s***. Nicki, congrat-u-f–king-lations.” But all prior to this moment, the two women had made stabs at each other on social media and beyond.

No matter the industry, all Stars have their quarrels. Especially, when they’re always in the spotlight. As far as we’re concerned, will Tyrus and Eli Drake ever be able to rekindle their friendship?

Eli Drake and Tyrus, “What Went Wrong?”

Last week on IMPACT Wrestling, we saw the Fact of Life get particularly intense between former friends Tyrus and Eli Drake. Things started off hot when Eli Drake aired grievances he had against Tyrus that go back a couple of weeks.

Eli turned his back on Tyrus on the February 9 episode of IMPACT, after Tyrus challenged the DCC to a 3-on-2 match, without consulting Drake first. This risky decision ended with a loss and another fracture in the already rocky friendship.

However, the match against the DCC didn’t seem to be Eli’s main complaint. He got increasingly more frustrated when talking about what happened when Tyrus turned in Eli’s Race for the Case briefcase the week prior to the DCC fiasco.

“I had the Race for the Case. I could have cashed it in at any point for anything, and guess what? You pick EC3,” screamed Drake. He goes on to point out that while he enjoyed beating EC3 with a baseball bat and getting him out of IMPACT Wrestling, he wishes that he would have used that opportunity for a Title match.

While Eli Drake used the Fact of Life last week as a platform to complain, Tyrus used it to clarify his place on the IMPACT roster. In the past, Tyrus has been completely transparent about his job as the “Hired Gun.” He has been complacent with being paid to be the muscle for various IMPACT stars over the course of his career. However, now it is crystal clear that he is owned by no one.

Tyrus yelled, “You want to talk about owning? You want to own something? I’m going to own you in that ring! I’ll see you next week.”

This Thursday on IMPACT on Pop, Eli Drake will face his ex back-up man in the six-sided ring, and the match is sure to be a can’t miss moment.

Cody Returns To IMPACT Wrestling

Last week it was announced on social media that Cody will be making his return to IMPACT Wrestling on Thursday night.

Whether Cody has asked for this time to shake Moose’s hand or celebrate the success of his wife as a Knockout, one thing is certain, both Moose and Mini Moose are excited for Cody to return to Impact. When Brandi was attacked by Decay two weeks ago, Moose came out for the save and had her back. They proved to be a powerful team yet again last week, as we saw Moose and Mini-Moose beat Decay in a Mixed Tag Team match.

We see that Moose and Brandi have become close friends via their matches in the ring, but their relationship was solidified when we saw Moose offer thoughtful sentiments that he would always be there for her backstage. One would think that Cody would be nothing but grateful for Moose’s interventions. After all, its human nature to love the people that protect your loved ones. In contrast, it’s also human nature to dislike the people that are rude to your loved ones. The last time we saw Cody on IMPACT on POP in October 2016, Cody and Brandi fought Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett to settle dispute after Maria had been tormenting Brandi for several weeks prior.

The anticipation of Cody’s return is in full force as we’re just 3 nights away from the excitement. Moose is certainly looking forward to Thursday night!

The action will all unfold on Thursday night at 8/7c. We’ll see the return of Cody AND we’ll witness the most controversial wedding in all of history as Laurel Van Ness marries Braxton Sutter. Make sure to tune in, you won’t want to miss it.

IMPACT Wrestling Schedule For Universal Studios Orlando

Impact Wrestling will be at Universal Studios in just a couple of weeks for our next set of Television Tapings from March 2nd – March 5th. Four days of incredible action that will be must see if you are in the Orlando area. If your travel plans don’t take you to Orlando in March, we are pleased to announce our Universal taping schedule through August 2017.

This is your chance to plan ahead and be a part of the energy and excitement that is Impact Wrestling LIVE. Admission to our shows at Universal Studios is always free of charge and the nights are filled with pulse pounding action.

As we march towards Slammiversary, the rivalries are certainly going to intensify. As Impact Stars EC3, Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Moose, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and his wife Maria, Decay and others will all be appearing over the next several months.

Here are the dates you can catch Impact Wrestling LIVE!

Thursday, March 2nd – Sunday, March 5th

Thursday, April 20th – Sunday, April 23rd

Sunday, July 2nd – Thursday, July 6th

Thursday, August 17th – Sunday, August 20th

April 20th and August 17th will feature Live episodes of Impact Wrestling. Don’t miss your chance to see your favorite Impact Stars and Knockouts LIVE and up close. VIP and Travel Packages will be announced soon from ShopTNA.Com. We are looking forward to spending the summer with our great fans at Universal Studios Orlando, FL.