IMPACT Wrestling Results: Dec 1, 2016

Starting the night off with confidence, Aron Rex issued an open challenge for the IMPACT Grand Championship. But one man would answer his challenge. That one man was Moose.

The was a shocking turn of events when Moose defeated Aron Rex with his patented spinning lariat for the victory with only 1:40 left in the first round. JB tried to get a word with Aron Rex but he appeared to be sobbing tears after the loss.


The DCC made their way to the ring to state their claim to the Hardys World Tag Team Championships. This brought out Jeff Hardy who ended up delivering a Twist Of Fate to Kingston, but then was attacked by Bram and James Storm. This brought out the return of Broken Matt Hardy. A moment we had all been waiting for. We then learned that later we would see the DCC face off against Matt and Jeff Hardy for the Tag Team Championship.

A 3-Way Team X Gold match was set in place for Thursday night’s IMPACT on POP. But this time, it was all three members of Team Go For Broke competing against one another. During the match, DJZ’s injuries looked to be getting the best of him, but that wouldn’t stop him from fight. As the match the continued, Mandrews hit the shooting star press on Sutter only to be rolled up by DJZ in a tight cradle for the win. Mandrews, visibly upset, kicked DJZ’s injured knee. Is this a new change of attitude for the British Boot Camp 2 winner? Is this the end of their friendship?

Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Laurel Van Ness confronted Allie once again in the middle of the IMPACT Zone. Remembering back to what happened during IMPACT’s Thanksgiving episode, Maria and Laurel were sure to have some harsh words for Allie.

But it wasn’t until after Maria called Allie a ‘bitch’, that Allie had had enough of Maria’s hatefulness. That was when Allie proceeded to successfully deliver a slap to Maria that would be heard ’round the world. Shortly after, we learned that Maria will fight Allie next week on IMPACT on POP.

The members of the DCC were back in the IMPACT Zone and ready to fight the Hardys. Bram and Kingston were the two selected to face Matt and Jeff, but were defeated by the Hardys after simultaneous Twists Of Fate on Kingston for the win. The Hardys are STILL your World Tag Team Champions.



EC3 made his way to the ring and shortly after, out came Eddie Edwards. EC3 then confronted Eddie saying that he wanted his shot at the World Title. Both men will face off in the main event NEXT WEEK on IMPACT Wrestling.

The main event featured an unbelievable 6 sides of steel match between Rosemary and Jade. TNA Hall of Fame inductee, Gail Kim was ringside in support of Jade. The match began outside six sides of steel, but eventually made its way inside the cage. After receiving a death defying cross body from the top of the cage, Rosemary captured the vacant KO Championship for the first time in her career. This was a moment that changed everything in the Knockouts Division.



The Broken Brilliance Returns Tonight on IMPACT!

Broken, beaten, and confused, our beloved Broken Matt Hardy has recently been suffering from amnesia for the past 3 weeks. It all began the night that Matt and Jeff Hardy went to battle with the notorious DCC for the World Tag Team Titles. We saw the beginnings of his memory loss take effect immediately after Matt’s big fall.

A week later in Cameron, NC, Matt began to believe that he was indeed an engineer and he had no recollection of working in the professional wrestling industry at all. Reby and his brother, Jeff Hardy, felt hopeless as they tried to get him to remember the past.

But Reby wouldn’t give up. There had to be something that would bring back that DELETION of Matt Hardy’s memory. But even Reby showing him some of his greatest wrestling moments wouldn’t do the trick.

The world was in compete shock. How could this happen? How could someone who is former 3-time World Heavyweight Champion not remember anything about his history?

But it wasn’t until Thanksgiving night that we all certainly got a treat from the Broken Matt Hardy.

Could a lightening strike do the trick?! TONIGHT on IMPACT on POP, Matt Hardy makes his return to the IMPACT Zone. Will his memory be back in full swing? Can he successfully get back to where he was before his injury?

Certainly big questions to be answered tonight at 8/7c… you CAN’T miss it!

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Aron Rex Issues An Open Challenge For The IMPACT Grand Championship!

Aron Rex has been the IMPACT Grand Champion since Bound For Glory 2016 on October 2. Aron Rex defeated Eddie Edwards to win this Title and become the first ever Champion. This was a night that changed the course of history for many, especially Aron Rex.

Going forward, we watched as Aron defended his Title multiple times against former two time Tag Team Champion, Jessie Godderz. But getting the win eventually became the ultimate goal in all matches against Jessie. And it seemed as if sportsmanship and morals went out the window for Aron. His low blows made on Jessie Godderz created much animosity.

But nothing seems to stop Aron Rex. On Thursday, Aron will issue an open challenge for the IMPACT Grand Championship. Who will answer to his challenge? Will this be the end of Aron Rex’s championship streak?

Tune in Thursday at 8/7c to Pop TV to find out who will be Aron’s competitor!

Former Knockout, Taylor Wilde, Comments On Six Sides Of Steel and Time At TNA!

As the first female to ever have held both the Knockouts Championship and Tag Team Titles, Taylor Wilde certainly made her mark on female professional wrestling. Signing to wrestling with TNA in 2008, Wilde was a Knockout during a very exciting time.

“When I was a Knockout, the world was beginning to see a big shift in focus to the women’s division in TNA. The ladies were beginning to be involved in predominate story lines and were getting to wrestle in two matches a night. I felt honored to be a part of this movement,” Wilde said.

But not only was Wilde a big part of the development of the Knockouts, Wilde had the privilege of participating in several notable matches. One match she will always hold memorable is her defeat over Awesome Kong in the $20,000 challenge, which crowned her as the Knockouts Champion.

Furthermore, Wilde competed in multiple high intensity matches; one being the 2008 Monster’s Ball at Slammiversary with Abyss, Daffney, and Raven.

Wilde knows the extremities that are undergone during a steel cage match. Learning about Thursday’s IMPACT on POP Six Sides Of Steel main event, Rosemary VS Jade, she had a few words on this upcoming Knockouts Championship match.

“I think it’s great two women are competing in the main event. My hope is that the females continue to move forward. TNA has always hired women who are competitive in the ring and hungry to make a difference in professional wrestling,” Wilde said.

When asked to make a prediction on Thursday’s match, Wilde expressed that she is neutral but did comment on the fact that Rosemary is a clever lady. Both Wilde and Rosemary have previously sided with Abyss at some point in their career.

“Like any TNA fan should know, Abyss is a ticking time bomb. Having him as an ally can either be an asset or a disaster. I’m sure Rosemary will use him as an asset but also keep her wits,” Wilde said.

Wilde wishes both competitors the best of luck and hopes that the best woman win!

Who will become your new Knockouts Champion? Will Jade be able to show dominance over Rosemary’s demented ways? Or will Rosemary cast dark truths and snatch the victory? Tune in Thursday night at 8/7c to witness all of the action. You won’t want to miss this extravaganza!

Taryn Terrell Talks Past Experience As a Knockout & Upcoming Six Sides Of Steel Knockouts Championship Match

Debuting as a Knockout in 2012 was a dream come true for Taryn Tarrell. She loved the intensity that was able to be brought each time that she stepped in the ring. For Terrell, she was inpsired by the fact that Knockouts are able to showcase themselves as powerful, beautiful, and athletic women.

“There are not many other jobs that allow women the ability to fully encompass those characteristics altogether. That’s why I loved being a Knockout,” Terrell said.

Taryn Terrell was able to compete in several well-known matches that made history around the world. One of Terrell’s favorite matches is her fight against veteran, and still Knockout Gail Kim at Slammiversary in Boston.

“Everything just felt right that night. I knew Gail and I just had created magic as soon as the match ended. It was a match that placed the cherry on top of my career,” Terrell said.

Terrell, an incredible athlete, previously competed in a Six Sides of Steel match during her time with TNA. She remembers her match with Gail inside the cage very vividly.

“Steel cage matches are extremely painful! I was excited though because I loved hardcore matches. My match with Gail Kim inside the cage was crazy. That was the night I blew my knee out. But the whole experience was totally worth it!” Terrell said.

But Terrell and Gail Kim’s legacy has continued to live on. During Gail Kim’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame, Terrell stood by Gail’s side.

“Gail built TNA’s women’s division. She created a platform for girls to be able to come in the industry and showcase their talent. I’m proud to say that she is more than just someone I wrestled, she is a role model and friend,” Terrell said.


On Thursday, Rosemary and Jade go head to head in a Six Sides of Steel match for the Knockouts Championship. Gail Kim will be by Jade’s side. Remembering back, Gail was close to making a monumental announcement when she was interrupted and hurt by Decay.

Terrell, having been in both Rosemary and Jade’s shoes before had something to say about the intensity and importance of this upcoming match.

“Not only are Rosemary and Jade competing in a Six Sides of Steel match, it’s the main event! That’s huge. This means that the company believes in them enough to carry the whole night. Take chances. Make magic. You’re whole career can take a turning point by creating something new!” Terrell said.

As a former member of the Dollhouse alongside Jade and Marti Belle, Terrell’s pick to win Thursday’s match is obvious.

“Jade is so talented and is such a cool girl. I’m stoked to have been a part of a faction with her and I can’t wait for what’s in store for her future!” Terrell said about Jade.

Being a Knockout is more than just a career, it’s a inspiration and a legacy. The world will watch this Thursday as Red faces Blue in the IMPACT Zone. Who will become your next Knockouts Champion?

Tune in Thursday 8/7c to find out!

Who Will Win Team X Gold & Be X-Division Champion?

Team X Gold is a relatively new concept that embraces the importance of teamwork. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen three different teams of men face off against another team of three in the six-sided ring. But to qualify to fight in Team X Gold, an individual must be or have been an X-Division Star.

We saw Team “Go For Broke”, consisting of Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, and DJZ get the victory almost every time they were challenged in the ring. They first faced off against Marshe Rockett, Andrew Everett, and Trevor Lee.

We then learned that Rockstar Spud and Decay would be joining in on the mayhem.

Going forward, we saw all three teams get in the ring together. Whoever would win the final Team X Gold match would then be required to fight in an every man for himself match.

This match will be one like none other as all three of these athletes are former teammates and great friends. This will be a match that will encompass all capacities of good sportsmanship and likeness. But above all else, all three of these incredible high-flyers will bring strength and uniqueness to the table.

Which man will succeed above the others? Will the current X-Division Champion, DJZ, get the victory with ease? Or will Mandrews or Braxton Sutter be able to make their presence known?

Only one man will earn the X-Division Title. Tune in Thursday to IMPACT on POP at 8/7c to find out who it will be.

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Jade Talks Six Sides Of Steel & Has These Words For Rosemary!

Thursday on IMPACT on POP, a new Knockouts Champion will be crowned. It’ll be Jade VS Rosemary in an unbelievable Six Sides of Steel match that you CAN’T miss. Both of these ladies are incredibly talented and bring indefinite uniqueness and strength to this match.

Both Red and Blue, as they call themselves, are confident that they will be the one to get the win. Other Knockouts on the IMPACT Roster are much anticipating this match and are talking about it on social media.

Recently, Jade expressed her feelings going into this match. She also had these words for Rosemary!

Are you Team Jade or Team Rosemary? Will Red or Blue be your next Knockouts Champion? Let us know your thoughts by using #IMPACTonPop. Tune in Thursday for a wild night of action at 8/7c.

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IMPACT Wrestling Results: Nov 24, 2016

Jeff Hardy opened up the night by letting the IMPACT ZONE know what he is thankful for. He then was suddenly interrupted by the DCC who informed him he would be facing one of them later in main event of IMPACT on POP.

Braxton Sutter and DJZ were the sole survivors for Team GO FOR BROKE in a 3-way Team X Gold elimination match. With a sweet victory, Sutter lastly eliminated Marshe Rockett. Previously in the match, Decay were ejected for breaking the disqualification rule and Rockstar Spud, Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett were all eliminated via pinball.

Maria noted a Thanksgiving banquet with guests that she is thankful for. Those guests were Laurel Van Ness, Braxton Sutter, and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. But to everyone’s surprise, Allie was also in attendance but she was standing dressed as a lowly pilgrim. After constant taunts from Laurel Van Ness, Allie finally snapped and attempted to throw a pie in her face but accidentally pushed it in the face of Maria Kanellis Bennett. This was a moment that changed everything!

Eli Drake’s ability to talk the rest of the year is taken away. He and EC3 faced off in a Voice VS World Title Opportunity Match that left Eli defeated. It was ALL on the line here in this back and forth match but the “Ass kicking machine” scored the decisive victory via tap out with the sleeper.

Recently on IMPACT Wrestling, we’ve seen The Tribunal turn their heads on former coach Al Snow. This Thursday on IMPACT, we witnessed a one sided contest as Al Snow and Shera kicked the Tribunal all over the six sided ring until Basile Baraka landed a low blow resulting in the disqualification. After the conclusion of the match, Al Snow and Shera were brutally whipped with the Tribunals leather belts. What is to come next from this?

The turkey suit match was back on IMPACT on for Thanksgiving. It was Robbie E VS Grado and the loser of this match would be forced to wear the infamous Turkey Suit. Robbie, having previously been victim of wearing the costume, secured the victory with a counter to a sunset flip. Grado, although originally feeling a bit dejected, got back to his fun loving self quickly and danced dressed as the turkey with the fans.

The DCC’s numbers game proved too much for Jeff Hardy early on with a 3 on 1 assault. Jeff finally capitalized on a miscommunication and rallied hitting a Twist Of Fate for a near fall. Jeff went for a Swanton Bomb but James Storm knocked him down to the canvas. Storm then hit the Last Call super kick and Bram hit the Brighter Side Of Suffering for the win.

At the end of the night, we witnessed Matt Hardy be shocked by lighting and remember his Broken Brilliance. Can his memory return? Will he figure out that he is the Broken Matt Hardy? Soon we will know. Total Nonstop Deletion is set for December 15, 2016 and you don’t want to miss it.

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Team X Gold Elimination Match

This Thursday will not just be a holiday for the stars of Impact Wrestling as one Team will earn a future X Division Title match for all it’s members. It is the latest twist in Team X Gold!

DJZ is the current and reigning X Division Champion and has the support of his fellow team members Mandrews and Braxton Sutter. However, that doesn’t mean that those men wouldn’t love to win X Division Gold in the future. Both men spoke to ImpactWrestling.Com this week.

Mandrews, “ I really feel that I am the perfect fit for X Division Championship. I personify what it means to be an X Division Star. I have the high-flying game and the skills it takes to be the champion. This isn’t a secret to DJZ, he is my friend and my teammate, but I dream of X Division Gold.”

Braxton Sutter, “everyone knows I have worked so hard just to get to Impact Wrestling. Being on Impact Wrestling is the biggest dream come true and to think I could be X Division Champion is something I can hardly imagine. Whatever happens on Thursday, I am truly blessed.”

The other teams competing on Thursday will be Rockstar Spud along with Decay, and the team of Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshee Rocket. So 3 teams will be competing and DJZ knows what is at stake and he told ImpactWrestling.Com this, “if my team wins, I know I have to face both my friends, which would be a strange situation. However, if my team is defeated, I have to face all the members of each of those teams. It is like a game of roulette for me and I love it.”

Despite what happens on Thursday, DJZ knows he is the one being watched by all as the target is on his back. This is an elimination style match and even if you get eliminated your team has a chance to win!

Find out what will happen when these athletes compete on Thanksgiving on Impact Thursday night.

Matt Hardy’s First Annual Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social

You read that correct. This Thursday night, you are again invited to Cameron, NC for the Thanksgiving holiday hosted by Matt Hardy. Enjoy this trip into House Hardy and be thrilled by The First Annual Matt Hardy Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social.

Matt feels turkey on Thanksgiving is a bit dated and wants to start his own tradition that doesn’t involve eating or slaughtering turkey. While we continue to be entertained every chance we get to look into life in Cameron, NC, we are starting to worry about Matt Hardy. Will he ever get over his amnesia?

Remember it was The DCC who delivered the devastating shot to Matt to cause this lapse of memory and it has been weeks since Matt has remembered anything. It seems that while Matt is happy, many people are craving Broken Matt Hardy and wondering if he will ever return.

All we can do is hope that Matt is ok and happy with how is life is going for him in Cameron, NC. Also we get to enjoy all the offerings Matt has planned for Thanksgiving this Thursday.

Don’t miss Impact on Pop and have your best sweater ready for the holiday in Cameron, NC.