Eli Drake & Aron Rex defeated Jessie Godderz & EC3

A tag team grudge match between four of the top stars in IMPACT Wrestling all with scores to settle. IMPACT Grand Champion Aron Rex got the pinball on Jessie Godderz after using a right hook to the jaw. It seems there is more to this story as Aron Rex was very protective of his taped knuckles after the victory.

Grado decided it was time to celebrate Halloween by becoming one half of his favorite IMPACT Wrestling tag teams, The Bro Mans! Robbie E joined in the party only for both men to be assaulted by the returning group of masked men known only as the DCC.

The Hardys also decided to participate in festive Halloween activities. The night began with snippets of a corn maized filled extravaganza that led into a delightful TREAT or DELETE full of green beans!

But, the last TREAT or DELETER at House Hardy had a gift for Broken Matt, Reby, and Brother Nero. The gift turned out to be a spooky video from the DCC. Again these masked men make their appearance. Who are they?! They want a shot at the Tag Team Titles! Will it happen? Find out next week on IMPACT on POP.

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DJZ, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter defeated Rockstar Spud, Crazzy Steve & Abyss. Rockstar Spud promised his partners for Team X Gold would bring ‘Team Go For Broke’ a fate worse than death and it did with The Decay. Although holding the early upper hand Rockstar Spud was pinned by the X-Division Champion DJZ after his signature ZDT maneuver.

In the contract signing for next weeks World Championship match; the Champion, Eddie Edwards, vowed to defeat Lashley and make him appear his own personal b*tch. This enraged Lashley causing him to flip the table and have an intense stare down between challenger and champion.

Next week, it’ll be a super fight in the IMPACT Zone between Lashley & the current World Champion, Eddie Edwards!


Laurel Van Ness defeated Allie

After a flurry Allie nearly defeated Laurel Van Ness with a school girls but the vicious LVN used her stomp to the back of the head of Allie for the pinfall.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes defeated ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett & Maria

Using Maria as bait multiple times Mike Bennett controlled most of the offense on Cody until ‘The Son of a Plumber’ was able to get the tag to his wife Brandi which enforced the law of mixed tag rules and Brandi finally got her hands on Maria. Cody locked in the American Nightmare on Bennett while Brandi locked in her of submission maneuver on Maria caused a simultaneous tap out and the victory.

At the end of the night, Lashley shockingly attacked Cody. But why? And what’s to come from this? Find out next week on IMPACT on POP!

Is Allie To Blame? Laurel Van Ness And Allie Set To Fight Thursday

It’s apparent that Maria Kanellis-Bennett, the former Leader of the Knockouts, has a new co-conspirator. She goes by the name of Laurel Van Ness, and she finds it extremely important that everyone pronounces her name correctly. Especially Allie, Maria’s apprentice.

One of Laurel and Maria’s favorite hobbies are to pick at and make fun of Allie. Normally Allie takes each remark and brushes it off her shoulder. But this past week on IMPACT on POP, Allie took a chance and stood up for herself after Maria tried to place blame on Allie for her banning from ringside.

“No! I’m not to blame…YOU ARE!” said Allie. This was then followed by an attack from Laurel Van Ness. Maria wanted more and wanted Allie to be punished, so she demanded a fight that is set for this Thursday on IMPACT on POP. It’ll be Allie versus Laurel Van Ness in the six-sided ring. Does Allie deserve this abuse?

Other members of the IMPACT roster didn’t think so.

But of course, Laurel Van Ness made her appearance during this occurrence. What did Maria have to talk with Allie about? And how will this battle play out on Thursday on IMPACT on POP at 8/7c. Make sure to tune in to find out!

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Grado Has A Surprise!

We have received word here at that Grado has been frantically calling IMPACT Wrestling management promising a HUGE surprise for Halloween on this Thursdays show!

Knowing Grado this will likely end up in some sort of shenanigans. What is the chubby Scotsman up to?

Find out on IMPACT Wrestling THIS THURSDAY 8/7c on Pop TV #IMPACTonPOP

Team X Gold- Who Is Rockstar Spud’s Partners?

Here are the rules of Team X Gold – Same format as a regular 6 man tag team match. 3 men per team. However, the rules, they are strictly enforced. Failure to follow the rules of the match concept at the discretion of the referee can result in ejection from the match leaving your team a man down or full team disqualification.

You would have found all this out on IMPACT Wrestling last Thursday ringside from the mouth of X-Division Champion DJZ during his interview with McKenzie Mitchell but sadly he was interrupted by the perennial loudmouth of the X-Division – Rockstar Spud.

Spud’s argument was that he had not been included in this concept since its inception and as the brainchild of Team X Gold, DJZ informed him that the reason he wasn’t included was because (and we quote) Spud- “Nobody likes you”.

You can see the reasons. Spud openly insulted the entire X-Division to their faces in a recent episode of Fact Of Life including DJZ. Trevor Lee, Marche Rockett and Andrew Everett want nothing to do with him. Mark Andrews, his fellow countryman, wants nothing to do with him and Braxton Sutter especially wants nothing to do with the former 2 time X-Division Champion after all that they have gone through together over the last few months.

Rockstar Spud has said he is bringing a team of his own. Who are they? He doesn’t have a friend in the world right now. Any friendship he has had in the past he has ruined. Who could these two people be? We’ll find out on IMPACT Wrestling this Thursday 9/8 on Pop TV #IMPACTonPOP

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Tag Team Grudge Match: Eli Drake & Aron Rex VS Jessie Godderz & EC3

There are two conflicting rivalries rumbling in the IMPACT Zone.

The first rivalry between two men who have shined in the new IMPACT Grand Championship matches. The new champion Aron Rex and to many a shining light in the new concept that being Jessie Godderz. What not may people have known prior to this tournament is that Jessie Godderz was actually an amateur high school wrestling captain. A disciplined athlete who focuses on multiple aspects of fitness outside of the ring to bring him to the curtain.

The change in attitude of IMPACT Grand Champion Aron Rex seems more out of desperation and self indulgence. Remember his match with Baron Dax where he was dominated in the first round?

Then the desperate and underhanded way in which he defeated Godderz recently in the final round, blatantly losing on the scorecards, says it all as to why this rivalry has escalated to further physicality away from the ring.

Eli Drake will not shy away from making a bold statement about himself. He is constantly boasting about himself and letting the world know that he thinks he’s the best. But one man on the Impact roster isn’t scared to make a bold statement either. That man is EC3. Undoubtedly, EC3 has no problem in retaliating against Eli Drake’s comments. Some say this rivalry is made up of home truths.

During last Thursday’s IMPACT on POP, Eli Drake hosted a Fact of Life with special guest Aron Rex. But there was an appearance made by none other than EC3. Harsh words were exchanged and finally EC3 had enough of Eli’s arrogance. Like always, Eli was pressing his Dummy button repeatedly and mischievously. That was when EC3 dared Eli Drake to “push his Dummy button one more time,” during their banter….And he did. The ‘Ass Kicking Machine’ stormed the Fact Of Life set, all hell broke loose and physicality erupted. What will become of these two? Find out Thursday by watching IMPACT on POP at 8/7c.

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We began a historic night on IMPACT Wrestling with the challenger to the World Championship, Cody, stating his claim that he will realize a dream and be a Champion which brought out the holder of said Championship Eddie Edwards. Both men promised to be victorious later on in the evening which brought out form champion Lashley. He said it doesn’t matter who would win out of Cody and Eddie Edwards because he was going to destroy them and get hit championship back.

Lashley vs Moose

Lashley defeated the 6’6” monster, Moose, with a spear off the second rope after one of the hardest fought battles seen in 2016 on IMPACT. This means that Lashley is now your #1 contender to the World Championship.

Fact Of Life with Aron Rex

Eli Drake reminded everyone he is “Bound For Gold” in the future before bringing our his guest and IMPACT Grand Champion Aron Rex. It seemed that both host and guest agreed on many topics until EC3 busted through the entrance way blocked by security threatening to take an “EC2” on the Fact Of Life set. Eli Drake pushed the Dummy Button one too many times which brought the Ass Kicking Machine to rage attacking both Eli Drake AND Aron Rex. Security then had to also deal with Jessie Godderz coming to the aid of EC3. All 4 men stood around the set separated in rage.

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys vs The Tribunal

Played to the ring on piano by Reby the World Tag Team Champions Brother Nero and Broken Matt Hardy claimed their opponents by the end of the match would be ‘Obsolete’. The champions retained after a Twist Of Fate by Broken Matt on Basile Baraka.

Upon The Hardys departure the mysterious group of faceless masked men hit the ring to attack fallen Tribunal much to the amusement of Broken Matt.

Maria & Laurel Van Ness attack Allie!!

Maria, no longer the leader of the Knockouts Division, requested that Allie apologise for her repeated ‘failures’. Allie fired back for the first time ever at her boss saying that she was to blame. Allie surprised with her own self was then attacked from behind from Laurel Van Ness and then was informed she would face Laurel in a match. Allie is not a wrestler! How does she stand any chance at all?

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Mahabali Shera

After seeking the services of “The Fixer”, Tyrus, it was time for Sheera to test his skills against one of the top stars in IMPACT. Accompanied by his wife Maria, as always, Bennett picked up the victory with the “Miracle In Progress”.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews X-Division Champion DJZ

As DJZ was explaining to the IMPACT Zone the concept that is Team X Gold, he was interrupted by Rockstar Spud. After being left out of Team X Gold, and the X Division as a whole, Spud claimed that he will be bringing his own team with him for Team X Gold next week to challenge DJZ, Mandrews and Braxton Sutter.


This was without a doubt one of the most back and forth World Championship matches in history. Both men fought valiantly yet it came down to Eddie Edwards creating offense out of defense after a superplex off the top rope by Cody yet Eddie hooked the legs of his challenger causing the pinball victory. Eddie Edwards successfully retained the World Championship as Cody raised the arms of the champion.

As Cody embraced the IMPACT Zone for their unbelievable response his wife Brandi Rhodes was pulled off the apron by the vicious Maria leaving Cody console his wife and get her medical attention. A devious plan by The Bennetts that you know will mean repercussions from Cody.

Cody VS Eddie Edwards For The World Title

Eddie Edwards shocked the world a couple weeks ago by defeating Lashley to become the new TNA World Champion. Since then, many of have been after his Title. That includes Cody, a man with a rich history in pro-wrestling, but a newcomer to IMPACT.

Cody made his way to IMPACT on October 2, at Bound For Glory. With his wife Brandi Rhodes by his side, he had a few words for one of IMPACT’s biggest duos, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and his wife, Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Last week on IMPACT, Cody had his debut fight against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. With a win under his belt, Cody set his sights on the World Title.

This Thursday, it’ll be Cody against Eddie Edwards in the main event for the World Championship. Will Cody be able to earn the Title this quick into his career at TNA? Will Eddie be able to retain his Title? Will Brandi be ringside? So much to learn on IMPACT on POP, Thursday at 8/7c.


Since his arrival to IMPACT Wrestling Moose has been on a tear. He has defeated Mike Bennett in his PPV debut at Bound For Glory and only last week defeat the man who’s undefeated streak was ended by “The Miracle” himself, that being EC3. To say Moose is on a role is an understatement. Moose is on a mission to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Lashley, on the other hand, is angry. After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Eddie Edwards in what many are calling the upset of the year, Lashley has been nothing but determined to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his. Going as far as to using bullying tactics and threats towards the current champion and IMPACT management.

At the end of last weeks IMPACT on POP both men stood nose to nose. Collectively they have successes outside that of the 6-sided ring with Moose a former offensive lineman, he played college football at Syracuse and was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He went on to play for the New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams, and Indianapolis Colts. Lashley attended Missouri Valley College, where he won three national college amateur wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998 and placed fourth in 1995. In 1997 and 1998, he was the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Wrestling Champion and is also currently signed to Bellator MMA, where he is undefeated through four heavyweight fights.

So now we want to find out the answer to the question “Who will be the number one contender after this weeks IMPACT Wrestling on POP?”

Lashley says backs down from no man…But he never said anything about backing down from a Moose


There’s a story that goes behind every wrestler’s entrance music each time they step out onto the stage. There’s an inspiration, a motivation, and a tone that is set for that wrestler’s performance with every beat and thump. Sheri Shaw, long-time musician and songwriter, gets to make each athlete’s dream music inspiration become reality.

Sheri began has been singing and making music longer than she can remember. A past Dove award winning artist for Deitiphobia, Shaw knew that music was always one of her gifts. But how she got into the writing of wrestling entrance music was a wild story.

A Chicago resident, Shaw saw an advertisement for a startup wrestling promotion under direction of Billy Corgan, and found the connection interesting. So, she bought a ticket and then tweeted the company afterwards saying that she was interested in collaborating. Within a few hours, Shaw received a response from Corgan asking for demos of some of Shaw’s work. Shaw instantly sent over some of her own, and her and her partner, Starria’s, work. With acceptance, Shaw became the music director for Corgan’s company.

For Shaw, her transition to working with TNA Entertainment, IMPACT WRESTLING, was easy. When President Billy Corgan began to shift over to IMPACT as management, she immediately had the hook. Since then, Shaw has created music for some of IMPACT’s biggest names and Stars.

“I’ve created music for Stars like Aron Rex, Jessie Godderz and The Bromans, Allie, and many others. It’s the best job in the world. ” Shaw said.



Not only does Shaw evaluation each athlete’s look and inspiration, she works hard to make each music a standout and represent the athlete perfectly. Her goal is to create a piece that the crowd can understand and chant along to.

“So far, creating Allie’s entrance music has been my favorite. Or, maybe that’s just because it’s new. But overall, everyone is always so great to work with. It makes my job that much easier,” Shaw said.


Long-term, Shaw wants to continue making music altogether. She thoroughly enjoys creating music that many can appreciate and finds that encouragement in.

When she’s not working on wrestling music, she writes for her band and sings along on other tracks. When asked what her biggest accomplishment is so far, Shaw responded, “Getting to sing backup on the Smashing Pumpkins newest record was phenomenal. I also recorded music for the hit TV series iZombie. That was beyond cool.”

Stay tuned for music entrance music to come by Sheri Shaw on IMPACT WRESTLING.


New World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards opened the show with some heartfelt words. He thanked the fans and the other IMPACT wrestlers for their support which led him to this day only for the man he defeated for the championship, Lashley, to interrupt and thinks immediately became physical. Lashley beat Eddie down the continued yelling for a referee to come to the ring so he could have his rematch. This brought out EC3 and Moose which caused the former champion to leave.


Aron Rex, much like last week against Baron Dax, could not seem to gain any momentum in the opening two rounds with Jessie Godderz dominating. It look towards the end of the 3rd round that we would have a new IMPACT Grand Champion, however, with desperation sinking in Aron Rex kicked Jessie Godderz in the face after falsely allowing him back into the ring and hit him with his running elbow strike for the pinfall victory.

The World Tag Team Champions, The Hardy’s, made their way to the ring. They described their battle with in The Great War at Bound For Glory as one of their most incredible battles. Matt praised Brother Nero, his wife Reby, his son King Maxel, Vanguard 1 and Senior Benjamin all as heroes. Broken Matt then had a premonition that their new challengers would be imminent…Within moments out came The Tribunal attacking the Hardy’s from behind leaving them laying. Are these the new challengers Broken Matt predicted?


In his IMPACT Wrestling in-ring debut Cody defeated The Miracle with his Cross Rhodes maneuver. Cody will now go on looking forward to a future World Championship opportunity.


With the controversial appointment of Marche Rockett as the Number 1 ranked contender to the X-Division Championship; DJZ picked up the victory using his patented rolling ZDT.


Gail Kim overcame the biggest thorn in her side in 2016 and gained control of the KnockOut’s Division at the same time. Both women beat each other all over the IMPACT Zone. Gail Kim nailed her Eat Defeat finishing maneuver but decided to pull Maria off the canvas at the 2 count, only to deliver ANOTHER Eat Defeat this time with a trash can in Maria’s face. Gail Kim is STILL your KnockOut’s champion and now is in control of the Knock Out’s Division.

EC3 vs MOOSE (Winner will face Lashley NEXT WEEK to determine the #1 contender to the World Championship)

A hard fought battle between two of IMPACT Wrestling’s most popular stars. Back and forth both men went in hope of gaining victory to face Eddie Edwards for the World Championship. In what some may call an upset; Moose secured the victory over EC3 with his ‘Game Breaker’ spinning clothesline to the back of EC3’s head.

As the show headed off air, Lashley came down to the ring and both he and Moose stared down. Next week both these men will fight to determine the #1 contender to face Eddie Edwards for the World Championship.