IMPACT Preview: The BFG Playoffs Semi-Finals + More

McKenzie Mitchell brings you the IMPACT Preview for the July 28, 2016 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop featuring the Semi-Finals of the BFG Playoffs as Matt Hardy faces EC3 and The Miracle faces Drew Galloway.

Following the Knockouts State of the Union last week, Gail must now go through the Knockouts locker room and it starts this Thursday night as she faces Madison Rayne.

Also see the in-ring debut of Moose and a Monster’s Ball Tag Team event as the BroMans battle Decay.

Moose To Make In-Ring Debut This Thursday Night

His name is Quinn Ojinnaka, better known as MOOSE. He is a former NFL Star for The Atlanta Falcons and now is a member of The Impact Wrestling Roster. Ready for whatever stands in his way, MOOSE is going to be a force. In an exclusive interview, Josh Mathews recently sat down with MOOSE to get his thoughts on Impact Wrestling, The NFL, The Miracle Mike Bennett and more.

MOOSE speaks candidly about where he feels he belongs in the Impact pecking order.


Lashley Becomes Double Champion

The Destroyer Lashley is on a path of destruction, and on this past Thursday night IMPACT, he accomplished a rare feat by becoming a double champion, now holding the TNA World Title and the X Division Title.

The road to becoming a double champion started weeks ago as Eddie Edwards, then X Division Champion, made a decision to exercise Option C to battle Lashley for the TNA World Title. But, Lashley upped the ante by telling Edwards it would be Title vs Title at Destination X. The man who walked away the winner would have both titles in his possession.

Due to interference at Destination X, both men walked away with their respective titles.

TNA President Dixie Carter ordered a rematch for July 21, but this time inside the Six Sides of Steel to prevent any interference. After a hard-fought battle by both men, Lashley delivered two devastating spears to destroy Eddie Edwards. With the 1-2-3, Lashley became TNA World Champion and X Division Champion.

Photo Jul 12, 9 53 22 PM

What does this all mean for the future of the TNA World Title and the X Division? Find out this Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING at 8/7c on Pop.

BFG Playoffs Semi-Finals: Matt Hardy vs EC3

This Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop at 8/7c two long-time rivals and former TNA World Champions will find themselves competing inside the 6 Sided Ring as Broken Matt Hardy will face EC3 in the semi-finals of the BFG Playoffs.

Take a look at how both men advanced in their first round matches:


Ringside Blog: Let’s Talk About Playoffs

Tonight marks the beginning of quite a few changes in Impact Wrestling. First and foremost is the move to Thursday nights! It is an exciting time and, personally, I think Thursday is a great fit for Impact. While it is the most watched night of the week in television and it provides a lot of tough competition, it still seems to make more sense to be on Thursday than any other night of the week.

Since I have been here, just over 2 years (I think) we have been on a few different nights and I have watched our audience find us and I hope you continue to do so starting tonight at our new time of 8/7c. That is a HUGE improvement, in my opinion, from our previous timeslot. Let’s see how all this plays together tonight.

It is certainly going to be a compelling night of television that features not only the main event of Title vs. Title inside Six Sides of Steel, but also the start of The Bound For Glory Playoffs.

8 men will begin their quests to go on to challenge for The World Title on our biggest night of the year, Bound For Glory exclusively on Pay Per View. Who are the chosen 8? Look at this field of EC3, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, James Storm, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Bram and Eli Drake. All are hungry for championship gold and the Bound For Glory Playoffs will allow them each an opportunity to earn their way into the title picture.

Of the 8 men competing, 3 have never been World Champion, Eli Drake (the current King of The Mountain Champion), Bram (the former King of The Mountain Champion and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. All have put themselves on the radar this year with some signature moments.

Mike Bennett made his Impact debut in January and hit the ground running. I could run down what “The Miracle” has done and list those accomplishments, but all I need to say is, Mike Bennett pinned EC3. Mike Bennett gave EC3 the first lose of his career. It was shocking and it elevated Mike Bennett to Main Event Player in 3 seconds. Now, “The Miracle” has a MOOSE by his side and watching his bac,k. Mike Bennett is carving out quite a unique spot for himself on Thursday nights.

Eli Drake is the most confident athlete I have ever met. I actually got several phone calls about Eli Drake on the premiere broadcast of “The Josh Mathews Show” on ESPN Radio 1025 “The Game” in Nashville last Saturday. Fans seem to love to hate Eli Drake!

If you are in the Nashville area on a Saturday morning from 8-9A Central, you can listen to my show on 102.5FM ESPN Radio and if you aren’t, you can watch “The Josh Mathews Show” every Saturday on Facebook Live ( and on Periscope through twitter (@RealJoshMathews). We got a ton of calls from all over the states last week and I hope to get more.

Since I mentioned the show, I want to thank the over 25,000 that have watched our premiere broadcast on Facebook Live and the over 500,000 Facebook Impressions we had. I will continue to talk about Impact Wrestling moving forward and will have Rocktstar Spud on the phone this coming Saturday.

Back to Eli Drake, who just needs an opportunity and he may go all the way to the Finals of The Bound For Glory Playoffs.

Then there is Bram. From the day I started calling this show, I called Bram a future World Champion. He has it all, size, strength, power and the all-important “It Factor” to become World Champion. Sometimes Bram just needs to get out of his own way and realize the tools he has at his disposal. When he does, watch out!

The other 5 competitors have all captured The World Title. EC3 has never stopped his quest to become Champion, Drew Galloway was one of the most fighting Champions in history, James Storm is always a Last Call away from victory, Jeff Hardy can walk into any wrestling company in the world and leave as World Champion and then there is Broken Matt Hardy. A man who is obsessed with everything in his life and a man who feels being “Broken” has given him powers into other worlds! Powers that “normal” men just don’t possess. Matt did delete Jeff Hardy and I think we will find out what exactly that means in the weeks to come.

I can say this, Matt Hardy did send a letter to Impact Wrestling stated we couldn’t use Jeff’s image without Matt’s written consent. So everyone needs to be careful when using images of Jeff Hardy, unless you want a lawsuit on your hands.

When looking at the field, it is hard to pick a favorite as each man have plans and agendas of their own and each man would love to compete in The Main Event of Bound For Glory against The World Champion. Who will be World Champion when we get to Bound For Glory?

Tonight features a Title vs. Title Main Event. Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards. World Title vs. X Title. Inside 6 Sides of Steel! The only way to win is by pinfall or submission and this match is going to be intense. 6 Sides of Steel is set up to keep interference out of the match, much like we saw at Destination X and Mike Bennett and MOOSE making good on their word and ruining a great match. Now we have a Main Event, inside 6 Sides of Steel and it is Title vs. Title. I can’t wait for this match tonight to take place.

Eddie Edwards has been on fire! Competing at the highest level of his career and if he connects with a Boston Knee Party to the face of Lashley we may see Eddie Edwards raising both titles above his head tonight.

It is a groundbreaking night! Make sure to tune in to Impact on Pop tonight and our new time of 8/7c!

Who will advance to The Semi-Finals in The Bound For Glory Playoffs?

Who will leave with The World Title and The X Title?

Matt Hardy VS. James Storm- Who Will Advance To The BFG Semifinals?

Recently we’ve seen the Broken Matt Hardy make a come back after deleting his brother Jeff in Cameron, NC.

But on Thursday-the Broken Matt Hardy will be up against James Storm in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match. Will he delete him as well?

But Matt isn’t the only one who is confident that he will be the number one contender who will face the TNA World Champion at Bound For Glory in October.

“This is my chance to get back the World Heavyweight Title. The Title I held five years ago,” said James Storm.

Who will advance to the semifinals? Will it be Matt Hardy or James Storm?


IMPACT Preview for Thursday – Title vs Title and BFG Playoffs

McKenzie Mitchell brings you the IMPACT Preview for the Thursday, July 21 IMPACT WRESTLING as it moves to its new time of 8/7c.

See Lashley battle Eddie Edwards in Title vs Title inside the 6 Sides of Steel, and watch as the first round of matches in the BFG Playoffs take place, featuring EC3, Eli Drake, Drew Galloway, The Miracle, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bram.

EC3 & Eli Drake Have Sights on TNA World Title – BFG Playoff Starts Thursday

Former TNA World Champion EC3 has his sights set on the TNA World Title. His path to reclaim the Championship starts this Thursday at 8/7c on IMPACT as the Bound For Glory Playoff begins. EC3 faces current King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake, who is looking to make a run for the World Title and make an even bigger mark at TNA.

EC3 and Eli Drake join McKenzie Mitchell to share their thoughts on the Bound For Glory Playoff.