First Ever: Tag Team Monster’s Ball

It is the “specialty match” of The Monster, Abyss. It is dangerous and gruesome and for the first time ever, it will be held to determine The World Tag Team Titles. The challenge was laid down by Decay, the morose group consisting of Crazzy Steve, Abyss and Rosemary, who have possession of the physical Tag Team Titles. The Wolves are the current and reigning Tag Team Champions, but the titles were taken from them by Decay in an ambush in the locker room area.

What is Monster’s Ball? It is an anything goes, weapons welcomed test of your soul. What choice did The Wolves have? There was no way Decay were just going to hand the Titles back to Eddie and Davey, that was made apparent by the death clutch Rosemary had on the Titles the last time we saw them.


February 9, 2016 | The Return of EC3

“The Iconic” Matt Hardy Demands!

Matt Hardy claims his brand is more valuable than Impact Wrestling. He claims he came to Manchester to teach Impact how to do good business. He criticizes the fans for supporting a “monster” like Ethan Carter III.

Tyrus teases an EC3 appearance but says the people have a better chance of seeing Winston Churchill riding a unicorn than they do of seeing EC3. Reby scolds everyone in attendance for booing Matt and cheering EC3. She calls them all losers that are quite simply – jealous.

Matt says he defeated EC3 fairly in the Last Man Standing match, and that despite his victory, Dixie Carter has yet to say one word to him. He calls her out with an offer to teach her a lesson in branding and leadership. Matt says Dixie will do as he says, to keep her top guy happy – and that’s to fire EC3!

Backstage: Dixie Carter arrives at the arena.


Singles Match | Lashley vs. Bram w/ Eric Young

Lashley rolls Bram up with a schoolboy at the bell. Bram’s out and Eric Young provides an early distraction. Bram capitalizes, but Lashley’s power takes hold, and he’s planted with a delayed vertical suplex.

Lashley stalks Bram, but as he charges, Bram offers up a spin kick and clothesline over the top rope. Lashley powers his way back into the ring, where he sends Bram over the ropes with a clothesline of his own. He stalks Eric Young while bouncing Bram’s face off the apron.

Lashley sends Bram inside but is caught on the apron by Young. Bram takes control, ultimately dropping “The Destroyer” with a high running knee. The crowd antagonizes Young and the distraction allows Lashley to recover with a series of clotheslines and running power slam.

Bram counters a spear with the Brighter Side of Suffering! Eric Young calls to Bram, “Let’s hurt him!”

Bram holds Lashley, while Young charges with his King of the Mountain Championship. Lashley ducks under the shot before connecting with a spear to each. Lashley covers Bram to claim victory.

Result: Lashley def. Bram

Backstage: Reby, Matt and Tyrus wonder question whether or not EC3 will show up in Manchester.


A Miraculous Stop on Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour

Kurt Angle recounts a decade in Impact Wrestling, noting it would have been impossible without the support of the fans. He says that while contests against Bobby Roode and Lashley are still forthcoming, tonight’s opponent will be…

Maria interrupts, contesting that the emotion in the arena feels manufactured – and that what the people really need is “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

“The Miracle” says he studied Angle’s work growing up, vowing to one day beat “that man.” Angle warns him. Bennett says it’ll take a miracle for someone to defeat Kurt Angle on his farewell tour, but when he does it’ll answer the question:

“Do you believe in The Miracle?”

Angle tells Maria she has horrible taste in men. She says Bennett’s “The Miracle.” Angle says she’ll need one before clotheslining Bennett out of the ring. Angle says he doesn’t wrestler guys he doesn’t respect and announces Drew Galloway as his opponent tonight.

Backstage: Bobby Roode gifts James Storm a “Boozer-cruiser” and says they’re going to cash in their “Feast or Fired” briefcase tonight and become the new Tag Team Champions.


X-Division Championship | Tigre Uno vs. Trevor Lee w/ Gregory “Shane” Helms

Trevor Lee spends the first part of the match evading Tigre Uno. He leaves the ring and momentarily consults with Helms, but Uno sends him into the guardrail with a dropkick through the ropes. Tigre Uno connects with a corkscrew crossbody to the outside.

Tigre Uno delivers a springboard tornado DDT and innovative submission, but Lee reaches the ropes to break the hold. Uno charges but Lee turns him inside out with a huge clothesline and near-fall. Lee whips and tosses Tigre Uno across the ring and applies a number of submissions until Uno delivers and enziguri.

Lee falls from the ring and is reaching for Helms when Tigre Uno comes off the steps with a hurricanrana! He tries to toss Lee back into the ring; Lee counters and drives Uno head first into the steel stairs!

Tigre Uno tries fighting back, but Helms picks his ankle from the outside. When Uno turns, Trevor Lee answers with a high knee to the chin and a Small Package Driver to retain his championship.

Result: Trevor Lee def. Tigre Uno


Tag Team “Feast or Fired” Challenge

Bobby Roode says Beer Money is about to become 5-time Tag Team Champions. Roode calls out The Wolves; Decay answers instead. Rosemary leads Abyss and Crazzy Steve into the arena, where she tells Beer Money that she’s holding the pretty toys everyone’s obsessed with. She says everything pretty dies and rots. Then she repeats, “Decay – decay – decay!” Beer Money attacks Decay.

Tag Team Match | Beer Money vs. Decay w/ Rosemary

James Storm and Crazzy Steve roll into the ring; the bell sounds. Storm pummels Crazzy Steve and tags out to Roode. Roode locks into a sharpshooter that’s interrupted by Abyss. Abyss drags Steve to his corner and forces a tag.

Abyss dominates then meets Crazzy Steve in their corner to receive a most unconventional tag.

Steve crashes into Roode and follows up with a series of stiff crossface forearms! Abyss makes the tag; Steve lies between the ropes. Abyss readies a chokeslam, which Roode counters with a spinebuster. Crazzy Steve and Storm are brought in; Storm catches Steve in a Calf Wrangler, followed by a backstabber.

Beer Money connects with a series of double suplexes to both members of Decay. Then, they drop Steve with a DWI. Before the official makes the three-count, Abyss pulls him from the ring, earning a disqualification.

Result: Beer Money def. Decay (via DQ)

Post-Match: Storm does a crossbody from the ring and takes out Abyss, while Rosemary distracts Bobby Roode, setting him up to take a low blow from Crazzy Steve. Steve smashes a tag title into Storm’s face and Abyss pulls Janice from beneath the ring.

The Wolves make the save but Rosemary shields Decay. The Wolves want their titles back and it’s announced that next week The Wolves will meet Decay for the Tag Team Championships in a Monster’s Ball.


Backstage: Unbeknownst to Matt, Reby approaches Dixie Carter. She encourages Dixie to do what’s right.

Grado on Impact

The recently fired Grado claims to have been screwed by Impact Wrestling. He pulls a yellow envelope from his singlet, claiming to have proof. Eli Drake cuts him off and has security chase him down. Grado escapes.

Backstage: Drew Galloway says he’ll defeat Kurt Angle in his home, where it all began.


Singles Match | Jade w/ Dollhouse vs. Madison Rayne

Madison sends Jade into retreat. As she regroups with the Dollhouse, Madison takes out all three with a crossbody from the apron. Jade lands a kick to the skull and maintains control until Madison catches her with an unexpected pin attempt.

Jade recovers quickly with a stiff kick to Madison’s face and a modified abdominal stretch. She moves as if to lock Madison into a cradle piledriver, but Madison counters with an enziguri. Jade falls onto the ropes following a forearm to the chest and Madison delivers a baseball slide clothesline.

Madison connects with a crossbody from the turnbuckle and near-fall. A distraction from Marti Bell and Rebel allow Jade to score a cradle piledriver for the win!

Result: Jade def. Madison Rayne

Post-Match: Dollhouse assaults Madison. Marti Bell grabs a chair; Gail Kim rushes in to make the save.

Backstage: Grado interrupts an interview Billy Corgan is giving about being in the UK. He says he’s been screwed out of a job. Corgan has security remove Grado and moments later, Eli Drake takes him out.

Kurt Angle Farewell Tour | Drew Galloway vs. Kurt Angle

Angle and Galloway trade arm locks early. Angle capitalizes with a back suplex and then rolls into a headlock. Galloway fights out and both men collide with a double clothesline. Angle counters a flying clothesline with an ankle lock, but Galloway rolls through, sending Angle into the turnbuckle.

Angle is looking for a backslide pin that Galloway counters with a Future Shock DDT! Galloway sends over the top rope and their brawl continues outside, where a momentary lapse in judgment sees Galloway take an Angle Slam onto the stairs!

Galloway takes a second Angle Slam in the ring, but he’s out at two. Angle’s backed into the corner, where he’s ultimately met with a reverse Alabama Slam! Galloway connects with a Celtic Cross from the top rope, but Angle just manages to kick out before three!

Angle digs deep for a German suplex and as he’s looking for a third Angle Slam, Galloway drops out and connects with the Claymore! For good measure, Galloway delivers a second Claymore – and to everyone’s surprise, Angle just manages to get his shoulders up before three!

Angle counters a third Claymore with a trio of German suplexes. He follows up with a third Angle Slam and splash from the top rope! Angle slaps on an ankle lock, but again Galloway counters and connects with a third Claymore. Angle rises, again! Galloway sits into a modified chicken wing crossface as blood pours out of Angle’s mouth!

Angle reverses the hold and comes up with another ankle lock. Galloway refuses to tap! He rolls over and plants two boots onto Angle’s jaw before kicking out his knee. Galloway reapplies his chicken wing crossface, forcing Angle to tap!!!

Result: Drew Galloway def. Kurt Angle


Post-Match: Angle and Galloway shake hands; Angle raises Galloway’s hand in victory.


The Return of EC3

Matt Hardy, Reby and Tyrus await Dixie Carter. Dixie climbs into the ring and is immediately interrupted by Matt. He says he’s the face of the company – the World Heavyweight Champion – and demands she fires Ethan Carter III now.

Matt backs Dixie into a corner, verbally berating and screaming at her. Rockstar Spud comes to her aid. He asks who “Matt Hardy” has become. Matt continues screaming at Dixie; Spud gets in his face. Matt makes demands of Spud. Spud refuses, claiming Matt’s jealous, scared and “running like a little bitch.”

Tyrus attacks Spud. Matt, Tyrus and Reby back Dixie into the corner. Matt commands she fire EC3! EC3 storms to the ring, taking out Matt’s security and Tyrus! Matt and Reby retreat.



The Kurt Angle Farewell Tour continues this upcoming Tuesday night when Impact emanates from Manchester, England. Kurt Angle will go one on one with Drew Galloway. The first, handpicked, opponent of Kurt Angle from a few weeks ago and that first encounter was incredible!

Now, they will have their rematch. Will the outcome be the same? catches up with Drew Galloway and gets his side of the subject.

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The issues between The Beautiful People and The Dollhouse have been growing for quite some time. These two factions simply do not get along and likely never will. It has lead to some of the most intense battles we have ever witnessed between The Knockouts in Impact Wrestling.

This upcoming Tuesday night it will be Madison Rayne of The Beautiful People clashing with Jade of The Dollhouse. Rumor has it, Velvet Sky will not make it to Manchester, England for the first leg of The Impact UK Tour, so Madison will be forced to deal with The Dollhouse all on her own.

Will The Dollhouse win this chapter in the bitter rivalry? Can Madison Rayne overcome a numbers disadvantage? Find out Tuesday night!


Following a physical altercation in the locker room last week during IMPACT WRESTLING’s UK Tour, TNA announces today the release of Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens).

“We conducted an investigation and determined releasing Awesome Kong is the appropriate action in this case,” said TNA Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Television John Gaburick. “Kong has been a great contributor to TNA and helped solidify the Knockouts as the best female division in professional wrestling. We thank her and wish her well.”