The Broken Versus The Crazzy

If you’ve been following what’s been going on between The Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero at all, you’ve seen that Broken Matt has completely lost his mind and essentially turned Brother Nero into becoming his delusional slave.

Two weeks ago during the Ascension to Hell Ladder Match, Broken Matt showed his dominance, but forced Brother Nero to do all of his dirty work. The Hardy’s left victorious and earned the number #1 contender spot for the Tag Team Titles.

Last week, Broken Matt and Brother Nero faced Decay, the current Tag Team Champs, and left defeated. After the match, Broken Matt made it known that it’s just a matter of time before Decay is deleted altogether.

This Thursday, we’ll the craziness continue. We’ll watch as The Broken Matt Hardy faces off against Crazzy Steve. Will Matt have Brother Nero by his side to do all of the work? Or will Crazzy Steve bring along Rosemary and Crazzy Steve to help him fight the battle?

What will happen in the Zone Of The Impact? Tune in Thursday at 8/7c to find out.


Does Eli Drake Smell Trouble?

Eli Drake has been calling out Stars, Knockouts, and others during his Fact of Life segment for quite some time. He loves to deliver messages and “Facts of Life” to people that stand in his way.

During Thursday’s IMPACT on POP, Eli Drake called out the entire X-Division after talking smack about the Battle Royal and TNA Wrestling management. Chaos arose and it turned into an X-Division brawl.

But, Eli Drake won’t stop hitting his “Dummy” button until he feels like he’s superior to everyone else on the roster. This Thursday, it will be EC3 versus Eli Drake in the six-sided ring.

Will EC3 be the one to finally put Eli Drake in his place? Or will Eli Drake be able to put his money where his mouth is and leave victorious over an IMPACT Star that we know will be at Bound For Glory?

Find out Thursday AT 8/7c on IMPACT on POP.


You Win Some, and Lose Others: The Miracle Mike Bennett Will Face Lashley

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett may have walked away as the #1 contender for the World Championship last night, but he also walked away with one less man on his side. That man is his partner-in-crime, Moose.

The Open Battle Royal came down to three men left fighting for the contender position- Eddie Edwards, Moose, and “The Miracle”. Just as Moose was about to take down Eddie Edwards, “The Miracle” did something that was conniving.

“The Miracle” tried to justify his actions to Moose, but a raged Moose wouldn’t have it.

Now, “The Miracle” will face Lashley next week in a World Title Match. Will “The Miracle” be able to handle such an intimidating competitor without Moose by his side? More or less, will Moose and “The Miracle” ever be able to become friends again?

So many questions. You won’t want to miss next Thursday episode as controversy continues to arise.

Allie Becomes Knockouts Champion

When hard work and luck come together, it’s most always a great thing. During Last night’s episode of IMPACT on POP, Allie shocked the world and became The Knockout’s Champion for the very first time.

For Allie, this win was a dream come true and an honest moment of excitement. But when asked about what her “boss”, Maria Kanellis-Bennett will think about the victory, she had a change of heart.

How long will Allie hold the Knockouts Title? And who will she have to face next in order to stay Knockouts Champion?

Tune in next Thursday at 8/7c to PopTV to find out!

Gail Kim Continuing Her Quest

Gail Kim is continuing her quest to become The Knockouts Champion for a 6th time. But as we’ve seen, her quest isn’t going to easy, as it seems she must compete against all of the Knockouts to fulfill her plan.

This Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING, Gail checked on more Knockouts off of her list after defeating Marti Belle. But Maria still is doing all that she can to stop Gail’s quest once and for all.

So now Gail’s next contender is Jade? Maria has made it known that she wants to be the leader of the Knockouts and it seems like she’s slowly but surely making it that way.

What will happen when Gail Kim challenges Jade next week on IMPACT on POP?


Ascension To Hell: A 4-Way Ladder Match

It’s an Ascension to Hell. A ladder match like you’ve never seen before as 4 Tag Teams compete for the #1 contender spot to go on to Bound For Glory 2016.

Next Thursday, we’ll witness The Tribunal VS The Bromans VS The Helms Dynasty VS Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero.

8 men fighting in 1 six-sided ring, trying to achieve one goal and essentially get the contract. Who will come out on top?

Will The Bromans have Raquel by their side amongst all of the chaos? Will The Tribunal have Al Snow? And will the Broken Matt Hardy force his Brother Nero to do all the dirty work?

So many questions and so much more to come. Follow @impactwrestling on all of our social channels for exclusive updates and content.

Tune in THURSDAY at 8/7c to IMPACT on POP to watch all of action.


Aron Rex’s Thoughts On His IMPACT Arrival

The crowd goes wild as he walks out into the IMPACT Zone…. He’s Doing It His Way.

During Thursday’s IMPACT on POP, Aron Rex arrived to IMPACT WRESTLING with strong words and an appearance that left the audience loud and wanting more. He let it be known that IMPACT WRESTLING is indeed his new home.

IMPACT WRESTLING’S, McKenzie Mitchell, sat down with Aron Rex right after his entrance moment. He exuded his happiness as a new member on the roster, and talked about his vision going forward.

Tune into IMPACT on POP Thursday at 8/7c for more from Aron Rex and more action within the 6-sided ring.