Knockouts Monsters Ball Championship Encounter

A Monsters Ball Match is rare. It is even more rare to see this match take place between Knockouts in Impact Wrestling. The rules are pretty simple, there are no rules and anything goes. You can win by pinfall or submission and that can take place anywhere and weapons are used, a lot of weapons are used.

How did we get here between Rosemary and Jade? It all started with an invitation.

Well, technically it started in Six Sides of Steel.

That was the night Rosemary changed the landscape of the Knockouts. Now the two Knockouts who are taking this entire division to all new heights are going to lock up again, but this time it is Monsters Ball for the Knockouts Title.

They refer to each other as “red and blue” on social media and in this battle of Red vs. Blue who will be victorious? Who will walk away with the Title? Can either Knockout prove they are the better representative of this division?

The feeling of change is in the air. A changing of the guard and a push towards something different is happening; will Rosemary lead The Hive into this change? Can Jade stop Rosemary? Who will win The Monsters Ball? Find out Thursday night at #Genesis on Impact on Pop at 8/7c.

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IMPACT Results: January 19, 2017

The opening contest was the first ever Race For The Case match, where all Titles were up for grabs. 4 colored cases hung high above the ring with a number enclosed in them. The idea of the match was to grab one of the cases before all of them are taken. The winners of the cases were as follows:

Red- Eli Drake
FullSizeRender 10

Blue- Trevor Lee

Bram & Kingston- Yellow

Jeff Hardy- Green
FullSizeRender 11

Later in the night, the revealing of the numbers were unveiled during Eli Drake’s Fact Of Life show.

Tyrus hosted Fact of Life this week. He introduced each winner and then selected them one by one to reveal their number. Eli Drake was the first to open his case to reveal the number that laid inside. His confidence level quickly made a transition when it was revealed that he indeed got number 4. Bram and Kingston were next to open their case where they found the number 2. Next was Trevor Lee, who revealed the number 3. Last but certainly not least to open their case was Jeff Hardy. He was the lucky winner to have a number 1 enclosed in his case.

Eddie Edwards and Lashley had an in ring confrontation which confirmed that next week on IMPACT Eddie will defend the World Championship against Lashley in a 30 minute Iron Man Match in the ultimate test of endurance. Things became physical between Eddie and Lashley and that was when Eddie was saved by his Wolves tag partner and life long friend, Davey Richards.

Former Knockouts Champion, Brooke made her in ring return to the IMPACT Zone with a victory over Deonna Perrazzo.

FullSizeRender 12

But during her celebrations after her victory, Sienna attacked Brooke blatantly under orders of Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Aron Rex and Spud defeated Robbie E and Swoggle when Spud hit Swoggle with rings and Rexx secured the victory.

Drew Galloway made his return from injury to face Moose for the IMPACT Grand Championship. In the final round Galloway hit a low blow in front of the referee which resulted in him being deducted a point. Moose recovered too quickly to his feet and was hit with a Claymore Kick to the head and was defeated in Round 3. Drew Galloway is your NEW IMPACT Grand Champion.

Next Thursday on IMPACT on POP, we’re bringing back #Genesis! It’ll be a night you can’t miss. A madness enraged Monsters Ball Match- Red VS Blue. And a main event that will leave you in utter shock! Eddie Edwards VS Lashley in a 30 minute Iron Man match. Who will win?

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Drew Galloway Finally To Get His Shot At The IMPACT Grand Championship

It’s been four months and Drew Galloway still hasn’t gotten his hard earned chance to fight for the IMPACT Grand Championship. His opportunity to become Champion literally taken from his hands in October 2016 at Bound For Glory due to an unwanted, incidental injury. Suffering much pain both physically and mentally, Galloway is now ready to get back out in the ring and wrestle for what he is believes is his.

Galloway, a former World Champion, knows what it takes to be victorious and win the ultimate fight. He knows what is needed to go the extra mile and push the limits. But will Galloway be able to get the job done against former NFL athlete, Moose?

Revisiting the last time Galloway was in the ring in the IMPACT Zone, he faced Eddie Edwards- current World Champion in the IGC Semi-Finals.

Tonight on IMPACT on POP, the action will be extraordinary as two of IMPACT’s biggest heavy hitters will go one on one. Drew is confident that he will walk away with the Title.

“Since the beginning I have said that I want to make the IMPACT Grand Championship the biggest Title in IMPACT Wrestling. And that statement still stands. Tonight, I get the opportunity I’ve been recovering for. There is no one like Drew Galloway.”

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Race For The Case: What Is It?

It’s the first ever time that we’ve heard of such- A Race For the Case match that will change the game for several IMPACT Stars. On Thursday, roughly 12 competitors will enter the ring all vying for a colored briefcase that’s hung high around the ring. 4 briefcases that hold the number to their destiny.

Not only are the competitors fighting for a case, they’re fighting for the best number. And obviously everyone wants to open their case to find the reveal of the number one. The number that is unveiled with each opening of a case will determine what order the winners will be able to pick a match of their choosing with any stipulation. That means that the competitor can challenge for whatever championship they would like. For the winner who opens the case with the number one inside, his opportunities are endless!

Once a match and its stipulation is decided, the other remaining winners with numbers 2,3, and 4 cannot choose the same type of match or stipulation. Their choosing must be much different than the first. For example, if the winner of the case with the number 2 wants to challenge for the World Title and number one has already decided that they indeed want to compete for the World Championship, they are unable and their decision must be rendered obsolete.

All of the winners and their decided matches will take place in the future at Open Fight Night against a person of their choosing.

It all gets started Thursday. Who will win the cases? In what order will the competitors get to choose their choice of match and all that encompasses? Tune in tomorrow at 8/7c to find out who will be the lucky winners.

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Brooke Makes Her Return To IMPACT

The news broke last week on IMPACT on POP, that former 3 time Knockouts Champion, Brooke, would be making her return to IMPACT Wrestling. This was a big moment as many were in speculation as to who would be the new returnee to the roster. The Knockouts locker room had opinions and thoughts on who she might be. Some were obviously more peeved than others.

Making the announcement, Brooke sat down to discuss her life as a mom and her plans for the Knockouts division.

This Thursday, Brooke will be shaking things up in the IMPACT Zone. Fired up and ready to fight, Brooke will be wrestling for her first time in months.

Knockout Brandi Rhodes had this to say, “Being the new girl on the block around here, I’m incredible excited that Brooke is making a return! I definitely look forward to working with her. Hopefully she can teach me a thing or two!”

Gail Kim also had something to say about Brooke’s return. “Brooke and I obviously have history. We’ve wrestled each other multiple times in the past. We’ve been friends… and we’ve been enemies. I respect her athletic ability and the talent that she brings to the division, so having her back in the IMPACT Zone will definitely bring the intensity.”

Throwing it back to 2012, remember this match between Brooke and Gail Kim?

Who will face Brooke in her returning match on Thursday? Tune in at 8/7c to PopTV to find out!

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IMPACT Wrestling Results: January 12, 2017

Nearly a week after a LIVE One Night Only from Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Thursday’s IMPACT on POP was surely one that brought the intensity. We got to witness the unveiling of the return of a former Knockouts Champion, and we watched a match between two of IMPACT’s biggest Stars, that advanced one of them to fight for the ultimate prize.

The night began with a Last Man Standing match between Lashley and EC3. These athletes practically fought until they couldn’t fight anymore. This match would settle the difference. One man would move forward to challenge for the World Championship against Eddie Edwards. Lashley was the man with the upper hand.

Who knew that taking away Eli Drake’s privilege to speak would end up backfiring? Did you expect him to do this to one of TNA’s backstage videographers? Poor guy!

Back to silence for Eli Drake. Silence turned into astonishment when Spud and Aron Rex made this way to the IMPACT Zone.


But it wasn’t long before Robbie E made an surprising entrance, where he had a lot to say.

The DCC had a message for Decay that eventually turned into physicality in the ring. Things turned hot in the IMPACT Zone real quick.

The announcement of the return of former of Knockouts Champion, Brooke, had the world buzzing. She sat down with McKenzie Mitchell to discuss her life and plan for the Knockouts division.

We all know that Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Allie have had their fair share of quarrels. But Thursday on IMPACT on POP, it was the Miracle Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter who went one on one, while Maria and Allie were ringside. The conclusion of this match was certainly a shock.


Knockouts Champion, Rosemary, has made it a goal to terrify others and scare them away from the Championship. But there was one lady who wasn’t afraid to encounter and come face to face with the Demon Assassin. When Rosemary called for Jade and requested a challenge, Jade was far from backing down.


With the return of Tag Team partner Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards was confident that Wolves Nation could defeat that king of deletion and his Brother Nero. Thursday, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero faced Eddie and Davey for the World Tag Team Titles.

IMPACT 1-5-17-112(1)

The Hardys retained the Tag Team Titles. Who will challenge them next? And what else is set for the future? Tune in Thursday to find out at 8/7c on IMPACT on POP.

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A New Knockout To Make Their Return To IMPACT on POP

Earlier this week it was announced that a Knockout will be making their return to IMPACT on POP. But the name of the Knockout is yet to be unveiled. The world has been buzzing in speculation of who they think will be making their return. That includes several members of the Knockouts locker room.

As you can see, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and her sidekick Laurel Van Ness aren’t pleased with the return of a former Knockouts Champion. But Brandi Rhodes, on the other hand, is hoping for the best.

TNA Managment was able to speak with the new Knockout recently and she had this to say, “I have it all. Friends, family, money…there’s only one thing missing and that’s the Knockouts Championship.”

Who will appear as the new Knockout? What is in store for her future career? So much to look forward this Thursday at 8/7c on IMPACT on POP.

Will The Wolves Become Your New Tag Team Champions Against The Hardys?

Coming off of a shocking conclusion to last Thursday’s IMPACT on POP where Davey Richards made his return to the IMPACT Zone, the world was left in eagerness for more action. It was a 3-Way match between World Champion, Eddie Edwards, EC3, and Lashley. All men fighting for their dominance. But like Eddie had said earlier in the night, his surprise for Lashley and EC3 was more than grand as Wolves Nation remained stronger than ever, coming out on top.

Joy, excitement, and enthusiasm filled the IMPACT Zone. But what was next for Wolves Nation? Two days ago we found out.

After a startling premonition, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards appeared behind Broken Matt and Brother Nero with a challenge that would be later accepted.

This Thursday on IMPACT on POP, we will witness The Wolves battle The Hardys for the World Tag Team Titles. Are the Wolves requesting a challenge that is way over their head?

After Eddie and Davey’s encounter with The Hardys, Eddie had this to say, “Having Davey back by my side is an incredible feeling. I’ve proved multiple times that ANYTHING is possible when I won the World Championship. What better way to begin Davey’s return than by winning the Tag Titles for a 6th time.”

Will Eddie’s words come true? Will we watch The Hardy’s reign become OBSOLETE? Tune in Thursday at 8/7c to find out!

Who Will Be The Last Man Standing? EC3 VS Lashley

The incredible Juggernaut of Force, Lashley, and The Ass Kicking Machine, EC3, are seasoned veterans when it comes to the World Championship. Both men, former 3x and 2x World Champs, know what it takes to get the victory. But not only have we seen both Lashley and EC3 challenge others for a fight that they want to win, we’ve seen these guys go one on one against each other numerous times. And every time these two talented athletes battle, it’s always a thrill. Remember Bound For Glory 2016? These guys wanted to tear each other apart from the moment that it was established that they would fight.

Controversy, animosity, and hatred has always been the theme between these two. But it wasn’t until after Eddie Edwards won the World Title a month ago that both of these men have had something in common. Both want the World Title and they’re willing to go to extreme measures to win.

Thursday, a Last Man Standing match that will change the course for one of these men. It will be EC3 versus Lashley where one of these men will walk away as the number one contender for the World Title. Who will prove dominance?

This past weekend, EC3 had this to say, “Winning the World Title is the ultimate goal. And I’ve done it twice. But before I can accomplish my final goal, I have one thing in my way- and that’s Lashley. We’ve had problems before and that’s obvious, but on Thursday night, I’ll prove that i can and will be the last man standing.”

Who will get the final say in this much anticipated match? What will be said? Who will get the win?

You won’t want to miss all of the answers! Tune in Thursday to IMPACT on POP, to find out.