For starters Josh Barnett is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion. In fact, Josh Barnett was the youngest UFC Heavyweight Champion in history. “The Warmaster” defeated UFC legend, Randy Couture to win the Heavyweight Championship via ground and pound TKO.

Josh Barnett would continue his MMA career in Japan, competing in both Pride and Pancrase, before returning to the states to UFC and compete for Strikeforce.

In 2003, Barnett took his skills from MMA and starting testing the waters of Pro Wrestling. Josh competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Inoke Genome Federation. Now Josh Barnett steps into Impact Wrestling for the first time in his career.

Barnett knows current World Champion, Lashley very well as Josh helped train and polish Lashley in his MMA training. Barnett has a current MMA record of 35-8 and won his last fight in Sept. of 2016.

Barnett is often considered one of the best catch wrestlers on the planet. What will happen when Josh Barnett faces Lashley for the World Title in two weeks? Will Barnett be able to catch Lashley off guard and become World Champion? What would the world look like if Josh Barnett became World Champion?