Chris Bey & Cancel Culture Arrive

The latest episode of IMPACT! marked the arrival of new personalities to the IMPACT Wrestling roster, from one of the hottest free agents in the industry to a few individuals with drastically different attitudes.

It was recently announced that Chris Bey had signed with IMPACT Wrestling, bringing his athletic talents to one of the most gifted rosters in professional wrestling. Last night on IMPACT!, it was time for “The Ultimate Finesser” to make his debut. He defeated Damian Drake in a bout that justified his nickname in every sense.

Bey’s unique style of offense, paired with an undeniable confidence provides him with everything he needs to have a successful run in IMPACT Wrestling. Next Tuesday on IMPACT!, Bey competes in the X-Division Scramble Match to determine a new #1 Contender to Ace Austin’s X-Division Championship. Earning a Title opportunity this early into his IMPACT Wrestling career would certainly make a statement and that’s exactly what Chris Bey is looking to do.

If you thought you knew RVD, Katie Forbes and Joey Ryan, think again. On recent episodes of IMPACT!, they began forming a bizarre friendship where they bonded over the criticism they have received from fans on social media. Nobody thought it could work – but here we are.

Last Tuesday, Cancel Culture made their tag team debut as Joey Ryan and RVD defeated The Deaners on IMPACT! Joey was no longer oiling himself up before the match and attempting to D flip his opponents. Instead, his entire body was covered in a formal sweater and shorts. Then there was Katie Forbes who instead of flaunting, decided to fully cloth herself in a fur jacket. RVD was – well, RVD. He used his superior in-ring skills to deliver the final blow to Cody Deaner. With these three unique individuals on the same page, the rest of the IMPACT Wrestling roster better take notice.

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