IMPACT! on AXS TV Results: February 18, 2020

Tag Team Champions Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page vs TJP w/ Fallah Bahh

TJP builds momentum with a quick dropkick. TJP charges into the corner but Alexander counters with a big boot. Alexander connects with a backbreaker for a two count. Alexander is perched on the top with TJP on his shoulders but TJP counters into a Cross Armbreaker. TJP flies over the top with a Corkscrew Plancha. Alexander is enraged as he spins TJP over his shoulders, sending him crashing to the mat. TJP fights out of a Super Fallaway Slam attempt into a Superplex of his own. TJP rolls up Alexander to score the impressive victory.

TJP w/ Fallah Bahh def Tag Team Champions Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page

Willie Mack tricks Johnny Swinger into thinking he will finally team with him but when Swinger gets to the ring, he’s informed that they’re instead facing off in singles action.

Michael Elgin claims he will complete the sweep against Eddie Edwards in the Best of 5 Series tonight and head to Rebellion for a World Title shot.

Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger

Swinger hangs up Willie on the top rope, then delivers a low blow with his head. Willie hits a series of clotheslines, followed by a swinging Powerslam. Willie connects with the standing Moonsault but instead of going for the cover, he charges into the corner. Swinger sidesteps him but gets caught with a Stunner. Willie hits the Six Star Frog Splash to win.

Willie Mack def Johnny Swinger

Madison Rayne is in the ring for her Golden Opportunity Open Challenge. She sarcastically congratulates Jordynne Grace on becoming the new Knockouts Champion last week. Madison says it is her duty to continue the legacy of the Knockouts Division and that is why she is holding this open challenge.

Madison Rayne vs Mazzerati – Madison Rayne’s Golden Opportunity Open Challenge

Mazzerati almost catches Madison off guard in the opening seconds with a quick rollup. Madison hits the Ripcord Cutter for a near fall. Madison puts Mazzerati away with the Cross Rayne.

Madison Rayne def Mazzerati – Madison Rayne’s Golden Opportunity Open Challenge

Gabby Loren interviews new Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace after she made history by defeating Taya Valkyrie last week. Jordynne says she’s going to be a fighting Champion unlike Taya and it starts this Saturday at Sacrifice when she defends against the undefeated Havok.

John E Bravo interrupts and says that Taya isn’t talking to him since losing the Title. He tells the truck to run a video that he made for the former champ in hopes of getting her to talk to him.

Taya is later heard berating Bravo for making the video and tells him to get out of her locker room. Taya storms out and tells Gabby she’s going to get her Knockouts Title back.

Daga challenges RVD to a match in the backstage area but RVD retreats and says to meet him in the ring next week.

Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer and Trey preview their Six-Person Tag Team Match against Ace Austin and Reno Scum tonight.

Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards – Best of 5 Series Match 3 (Elgin 2, Eddie 0)

Eddie is on fire in the early going as he’s in a must-win situation. If Elgin wins, he will score the clean sweep in the Best of 5 Series. Elgin turns the tide with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Eddie dives through the ropes but Elgin cuts him off with a forearm shot in mid-air. Elgin sets up for a Powerbomb on the ramp. Eddie reverses into a Hurricanrana, followed by a Boston Knee Party. Back in the ring, Eddie connects with another Boston Knee Party but can’t capitalize with the follow-up pin. Elgin counters a Top Rope Hurricanrana into a Super Sitdown Powerbomb. Eddie rolls up Elgin out of nowhere to score the pin, keeping himself alive in the Best of 5 Series.

Eddie Edwards def Michael Elgin – Best of 5 Series Match 3 (Elgin 2, Eddie 1)

Moose joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary for Rhino’s upcoming match with Dave Crist. Moose collides with Rhino this Saturday at Sacrifice.

Rhino vs Dave Crist w/ Jake Crist

Rhino hits a clothesline and a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino sets up for the Gore but Jake hooks his leg from ringside. Dave capitalizes off the distraction. Rhino knocks Jake off the apron, then delivers a Gore to Dave for the win.

Rhino def Dave Crist w/ Jake Crist

Susie sends a terrifying message to Havok backstage – “Ur time has come”.

Chris Bey is coming soon to IMPACT Wrestling.

There’s another mysterious technical glitch as the ICU continues to infiltrate IMPACT Wrestling broadcasts.

World Champion Tessa Blanchard, Trey & Tommy Dreamer vs X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum – Six-Person Tag Team Match

Tessa, Trey and Tommy connect with in-sync triple elbows in the opening minutes. Ace and Reno Scum wear down Tommy on their side of the ring, preventing him from making the tag. Dreamer finally breaks free and tags in Trey who goes on the attack. Trey takes out Ace with double knees off the top. Tessa counters double team offense from Reno Scum into a tornado DDT on Luster. Tessa hits Ace with her signature Cutter. Trey soars over the top, crashing into everyone on the floor with a corkscrew. Back in the ring, Ace catches Trey with The Fold to win.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum def Trey, World Champion Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer – Six-Person Tag Team Match