IMPACT! on AXS TV Results: June 9, 2020

Michael Elgin def Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan

IMPACT! kicked off with a huge three-way match featuring Michael Elgin vs Ken Shamrock vs Sami Callihan. As these titans looked to settle the score with one another, Shamrock didn’t want to wait for his entrance and attacked Elgin from behind. In signature ICU fashion, the lights went out and when they came back on, Callihan was standing in the ring for a sneak attack of his own. Before Shamrock could lock in the Ankle Lock, Elgin fought him off with a DDT but it had no effect on the MMA legend. On second attempt, Shamrock locked it in but just as Elgin was about to tap, Callihan prevented his hand from hitting the mat. Elgin threw Callihan into Shamrock, which sent Shamrock crashing into the exposed turnbuckle. Elgin connected with a thunderous Elgin Bomb on Shamrock to win!

After the match, Callihan and Shamrock stared each other down before Callihan retreated into the darkness.

Gia Miller interviewed Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace ahead of her huge title defense against Taya Valkyrie. Jordynne stated that she’ll know everything is back to normal when she drives Taya’s head straight through the mat!

The Rascalz were trying to figure out who attacked Trey in the backstage area last week, effectively eliminating him from the Finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament. They were confronted by The North who will defend their Tag Team Championships against Dez and Wentz next week. In Trey’s mind, everyone is a suspect.

Tasha Steelz w/ Kiera Hogan def Susie

Last week, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz sent a message to the entire Knockouts division when they defeated Susie and Kylie Rae. They were looking to continue their momentum when Tasha battled Susie in singles action on IMPACT! In the early going, Tasha was in control, using speed to her advantage. Just as Susie was building momentum, Kiera got up on the apron and caused a distraction, allowing Tasha to hit the Okurrr cutter for the win!

The Slammiversary speculation continued to run rampant in the backstage area!

Ace Austin told Gia Miller that he believes he will be crowned the new World Champion when IMPACT Wrestling makes an announcement on the future of the World Title later tonight. He was interrupted by self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose, who thinks Ace will be challenging for his Title at Slammiversary. Hernandez made his presence known when he confronted Moose and challenged him for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next week!

Deonna Purrazzo was seen arriving to the arena ahead of her IMPACT Wrestling debut.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz run into the terrifying duo of Havok and Nevaeh. Havok and Nevaeh challenge them to match but Kiera and Tasha claim that they’re off the clock.

Rohit Raju tries to understand why Rhino gored him last week. Rhino responded by saying it was to teach him a lesson after his constant complaining about lack of opportunity. Rohit attempted a sneak attack on Rhino but it ended up costing the Desi Hitman!

X-Division Champion Willie Mack & Cousin Jake def Chris Bey & Johnny Swinger

As Chris Bey continued to target Willie Mack, he teamed with his new “friend” Johnny Swinger to battle the X-Division Champion and Cousin Jake on IMPACT! What an ally Cousin Jake turned out to be as used his incredible size and power to take out both Bey and Swinger with a flurry of offense. But just as Bey was about to get crushed in the corner, Swinger pulled him to safety. The Finesse & Bench Press Express used their dirty tactics as Swinger distracted the referee, allowing Bey to attack Jake from the outside. Willie had seen enough and connected with the Stunner on Swinger to win.

After the match, Bey and Swinger attacked both Willie and Jake from behind until the returning Cody Deaner made the save!

Rosemary informed Taya Valkyrie that she and her new friend John E Bravo would be accompanying her to ringside later tonight when she faces Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship.

An Announcement on the Future of the World Championship

Scott D’amore entered the ring to make an announcement on the future of the World Championship. After stating that the reigning World Champion Tessa Blanchard was not here tonight, he was immediately interrupted by Ace Austin, Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards, who all staked their claim to the World Title. D’amore announced that on July 18th at Slammiversary, Tessa will defend against Ace, Elgin, Eddie and Trey in a huge five-way main event. Trey blindsided Ace with a springboard dropkick and a huge brawl erupted.

Jacob Crist def Crazzy Steve

Cancel Culture was in full force on IMPACT! as Joseph P. Ryan, RVD and Katie Forbes introduced their newest member, Jacob Crist. He was set to show Crazzy Steve that words like “crazy” can hurt. Jacob wasted no time going on the attack as he gained the early advantage. Steve began to build momentum with a big clothesline but it was thwarted by Joseph at ringside. Jacob capitalized with a flurry of kicks to score the victory.

Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace def Taya Valkyrie w/ Rosemary & John E Bravo – Knockouts Championship

Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie are back and they renewed their rivalry for the Knockouts Championship on IMPACT! Jordynne was on fire in the early going as she dove through the ropes, taking out Taya, Rosemary and Bravo. Taya retreated outside to catch a breather, allowing her to gain control with a running knee. Taya sent Jordynne crashing into the steel steps on the floor. Taya continued to dominate with her signature double knees in the corner. In an amazing feat of strength, Jordynne took Taya off the top rope with a big powerbomb. It was a heated back-and-forth battle as Taya fought off the Grace Driver and connected with a Spear. As Rosemary and Bravo were preoccupied with each other at ringside, Jordynne forced Taya to submit with the Sleeper.

Deonna Purrazzo Arrives

Jordynne was celebrating with her Knockouts Title when the debuting Deonna Purrazzo made her way to the ring. The Virtusoa offered her hand to the champ but then quickly locked in a devastating arm-bar. Deonna Purrazzo has arrived in IMPACT Wrestling.