IMPACT Partners With Charities Around The World

IMPACT Wrestling continues to expand its reach and support for charities and non-profit organizations around the world, particularly in the cities where IMPACT shows are held.

Case in point, the early-February IMPACT shows held at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas.  IMPACT partnered with about 10 different charities in the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada region.  For instance, the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada have been partners with IMPACT for years – and about 50 Girl Scouts attended one of the Las Vegas shows.

At the A-Town Beatdown held March 6-7 in Atlanta, IMPACT’s partnership with local charities will continue – and be as strong as ever.  The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta will be among the many charity partners for the two shows.

“IMPACT Wrestling gives the girls a sense of courage and confidences to think about trying something new, when they are able to see a woman wrestler as role model for them,” said Axa F. Aguilar, Manager of Special Programs for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

In conjunction with the Las Vegas shows, IMPACT Wrestling also partnered with Leaders In Training, which is a charity arm of the NFL Alumni Association.  Plus, IMPACT partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, among other local charitable causes.

“This was the first time either of us have been to a wresting event and we were both wildly surprised how much fun we had,” said Big Brother Dyllan, who attended one of the IMPACT shows in Las Vegas with his Little Brother, Ivan.  “(We) went in not knowing what to expect, (but) while waiting in line to get in, we heard a huge slamming noise from inside the event; this got Ivan really excited and I watched his eyes light up with excitement. 

“The event was incredible and we both had a great time. Through the whole event, there was a lot of anticipation to see what was going to happen next.  There is a drama aspect to the entire show and the incredible acrobatic skills of the wrestlers really keeps you intrigued.  Ivan was glued to the event the entire time, even joining in with the crowd cheering and booing certain wrestlers. 

“It’s fair to say he had a really great time and would definitely go again.”

Among the group of Big Brothers and Big Sisters attending one of the shows in Las Vegas was a Little named Kharee, a second-grader who attended with his Big Brother James.  Kharee served as the Special Bell Ringer for one of the matches – and was given a standing ovation when introduced to the crowd.

“I had soccer practice that Saturday afternoon and was tired when we got to the wrestling event, but that all went away really fast,” said Little Brother Jeff, who attended the IMPACT show in Las Vegas.  “I was able to talk with other kids there, and we had a blast cheering on the wrestlers.  My Big Brother and I picked our favorite in each match.  It was awesome to see the crowd go crazy cheering like that. I loved going and wish I could see more stuff like that.”

IMPACT Wrestling has built a strong relationship with the U.S. Military through its partnership with the Veteran Ticket Foundation.  IMPACT has welcomed U.S. Military members to numerous shows, including the three in Las Vegas this month.  Vet Tix works with currently serving military members, plus honorably discharged veterans from all branches of service, and families of those Killed In Action.

Over the past few months, IMPACT also has held a toy drive and a multi-day food drive at shows.

Over the years, IMPACT Wrestling has partnered with countless charities and non-profit organizations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation, YMCA, Best Buddies International, Chiari Malformation Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, among others.

** Charities and non-profit organizations looking to partner with IMPACT Wrestling, particularly in the cities where IMPACT has shows, are encouraged to reach out.  IMPACT shows over the next few months will be held in Tampa, New York City and Columbus, Ohio, among others.  Contact Ross Forman at to discuss charity/non-profit partnerships.