Odds Stacked Against Rohit Raju in 6-Way Scramble at BFG

Be careful what you wish for, Rohit. After weeks of him bragging about giving out championship opportunities, then finding ways to dodge his challengers left and right, Scott D’amore has seen enough. Most recently, it was Jordynne Grace who answered the Defeat Rohit Challenge and she did just that – but the Desi Hitman once again found a loophole to hold on to his X-Division Title, despite losing the match. On his way back through the curtain, he was confronted by IMPACT Wrestling’s Executive Vice President who announced a blockbuster match for Bound For Glory. Here, Rohit Raju will defend the X-Division Title against TJP, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, Willie Mack and Jordynne Grace in what is sure to be a chaotic 6-Way Scramble. Will Rohit’s reign come to an end at the biggest event of the year?