Sacrifice on IMPACT Plus Results

IMPACT Wrestling and OVW present Sacrifice on IMPACT Plus from Louisville, Kentucky.

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Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs Rascalz (Trey & Wentz) – Tag Team Championships

Wentz wears down Alexander in the early going. Alexander turns the tide by distracting the referee, allowing Page to attack Wentz from the apron. Alexander hits a delayed vertical suplex on Wentz. Trey tags into the match and goes on the attack. Trey launches himself into the air but gets cut off by a huge superkick from Page. Trey delivers a series of chops to the chest of Alexander but gets ends up getting overpowered by Walking Weapon.

Wentz hangs up Page on the ropes with a cutter, followed by a Codebreaker for a near fall. The North connect with their signature double team offense on Wentz but somehow, he kicks out at two. Alexander drops Trey hard on the apron.

Wentz hits Alexander with a Destroyer for yet another near fall. The referee is inadvertently taken out. It looks like the Rascalz are about to win when Rohit Raju interferes and attacks them. The North connect with one final flurry of 2 on 1 offense on Wentz to win.

Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) def Rascalz (Trey & Wentz) – Tag Team Championships

Backstage, X-Division Champion Ace Austin previews his Champion vs Champion Match against World Champion Tessa Blanchard later tonight. He crosses the line and says he has a way to help Tessa deal with her daddy issues – he will be her daddy.

Kiera Hogan vs Ray Lyn

OVW mainstay Ray Lyn and Kiera Hogan go move for move in the early going. Lyn attempts to get in the head of Kiera. Lyn hits a series of strikes, followed by running double knees for a two count. Lyn launches herself off the top rope, connecting with a missile dropkick. Kiera puts Lyn away with a swinging neckbreaker.

Kiera Hogan def Ray Lyn

In the backstage area, Willie Mack gives Johnny Swinger a tape to study after Swinger continues to persuade him into forming a tag team called the Mack and Pack Connection.

Willie Mack vs Jay Bradley

Bradley attempts a top rope elbow drop in the early going but Willie avoids it. Willie hits a slingshot crossbody, crashing into Bradley on the floor.

Bradley gains momentum with a vicious double ax handle to the back of Willie’s head. Willie connects with the Samoan Drop, followed by standing Moonsault for a two count. Willie takes Bradley off his feet with two stunners, followed by the Six Star Frog Splash to win.

Willie Mack def Jay Bradley

On the oVe cam, Dave and Jake Crist say that Larry D and Acey Romero’s dreams of becoming IMPACT Wrestling stars will become a nightmare in their tag team match tonight. Because of Sami Callihan’s continued absence, Madman Fulton leads the group in thumbs up, thumbs down.

oVe (Madman Fulton & Dave Crist) vs Larry D & Acey Romero

Before the match begins, the referee confiscates a pair of brass knuckles from Crist. Romero hits the ropes but Fulton hooks his leg from the outside. Fulton charges into the back of Acey with a running crossbody.

Fulton turns Acey inside out with a massive clothesline. Fulton and Crist wear down Acey on their side of the ring. Larry tags into the match and goes to work with a crossbody to Fulton, followed by a splash onto Dave. Larry hits Dave with a powerbomb for two. Acey and Larry sandwich Fulton in the middle of the ring but it’s not enough to keep the Madman down. Acey dives through the ropes, taking out Fulton on the outside. Acey hits Dave with the Pounce to score the huge upset victory.

Larry D & Acey Romero def oVe (Madman Fulton & Dave Crist)

After the match, Jake Crist jumps Larry and Acey from behind. Daga comes out to make the save and our next contest is underway.

Daga vs Jake Crist

Daga crossbody’s Jake over the ropes to the floor. Daga continues the attack with a slingshot double foot stomp on the apron, followed by a senton to the outside. Jake cuts off Daga’s momentum with a mid-air superkick. Jake bites Daga in the corner, then begins to wear down his arm. Daga begins to turn things around with a sitdown powerbomb. Jake hits a powerbomb of his own, sunset flip style off the top. Daga connects with a super Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Daga hits a modified gutbuster to win.

Daga def Jake Crist

Jimmy Jacobs catches up with Moose ahead of Hard To Kill rematch against Rhino tonight. Moose claims that he will put an end to this rivalry once and for all.

Johnny Swinger vs Joey Ryan

Before the match begins, Swinger gets on the mic and elaborates on the tape that Willie gave him earlier in the night. The tape features Swinger’s greatest hits and suggests that Joey could learn something from watching it. Swinger tells Joey he will give him the tape if Joey lays down for him. Joey refuses and the match is on.

Joey gets Swinger to Touch It in the early going. Swinger turns the tide by wearing Joey down with head scissors. Swinger uses the ropes for leverage but gets caught by the referee before he can steal the win. Swinger counters Sweet Tooth Music, sending the lollipop into the referee’s mouth. Swinger hits Joey over the head with the VHS tape for a near fall. Joey successfully hits Sweet Tooth Music to win.

Joey Ryan def Johnny Swinger

Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs Havok – Knockouts Championship

Jordynne hits the Vader Bomb in the corner. Havok charges but Jordynne sidesteps, sending her to the apron. Jordynne connects with hangman’s DDT for a two count. Jordynne locks in the sleeper but it’s not in for long before Havok whips her to the mat. Havok hits the Chokeslam for a near fall. Jordynne puts in the sleeper once again and this time, Havok passes out. Jordynne retains the Knockouts Title and ends Havok’s undefeated streak in IMPACT Wrestling.

Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace def Havok – Knockouts Championship

Backstage, World Champion Tessa Blanchard says that whoever wins tonight’s Champion vs Champion Match between her and Ace Austin should receive a future shot at the loser’s Title.

Moose vs Rhino

Rhino hits a Spinebuster before the fight spills to the outside. Moose attempts to retreat but Rhino brings him back into the ring. Moose hits a low blow, getting himself intentionally disqualified.

Rhino def Moose by Disqualification

Rhino gets on the mic and proposes they restart the match with no disqualifications. Moose decides to try and capitalize off a downed Rhino and accepts.

Moose vs Rhino – No Disqualifications

Moose swings a chair but it bounces off the ropes and back into his face. Moose beats down Rhino with a steel trashcan lid. Wildcat Chris Harris is sitting at ringside ahead of his return at TNA: There’s No Place Like Home and Moose gets in his face.

Moose brings a staple gun into the match but Rhino ends up using it against him. Moose hits a delayed running dropkick in the corner. Moose clobbers Rhino in the foot with a hammer, then throws steel chairs into the ring. Rhino sends Moose crashing into them with a Superplex. Moose hits the No Jackhammer Needed Spear through a table to win.

Moose def Rhino – No Disqualifications

World Champion Tessa Blanchard vs X-Division Champion Ace Austin – Champion vs Champion

Ace hip tosses Tessa into the turnbuckles. Ace locks in a Half Boston Crab but Tessa makes it to the ropes. Ace hits a sick superkick on the apron, sending Tessa to the floor. Ace goes for a handspring but Tessa hits a superkick of her own.

Tessa attempts to dive through the ropes but Ace cuts her off with a forearm shot. Ace delivers a papercut between the fingers with his laminated card. Tessa puts a halt to Ace’s offense with Magnum in the corner. Tessa connects with the cutter to start building momentum.

Tessa dives to the outside with a trio of dives. Ace counters the Buzzsaw DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Tessa soars through the air but gets caught with a spin kick from Ace. Tessa hits a tornado DDT, followed by a Destroyer for another close near fall. Tessa sends Ace flying from the top rope to the mat below to score the victory.

World Champion Tessa Blanchard def X-Division Champion Ace Austin – Champion vs Champion

Sacrifice on IMPACT Plus goes off the air as Tessa Blanchard celebrates in the ring.