Someone’s Going Through a Table at No Surrender

If Ace Austin thinks he’s done with Eddie Edwards, he’s dead wrong. At No Surrender, this ultra-personal rivalry continues when Eddie and Ace do battle in a Tables Match LIVE December 7th on IMPACT+.

We all remember Ace Austin’s attempts at sleeping with Alisha Edwards. After months of lies and deceit, he was ultimately unsuccessful. Now, Eddie has the chance to teach Ace a lesson he will never forget and it comes in a match where tables are completely legal. You heard that right, this one isn’t about pinfalls or submissions. All you have to do to win is put your opponent through a table.

However, Eddie must have eyes in the back of his head. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, wherever Ace Austin goes so does Reno Scum. Whatever happens, we are guaranteed that someone is going through a table at No Surrender.

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