Who Is Suicide?

Last night on IMPACT!, a mysterious masked man attacked Moose after his post-match assault on Chase Stevens. That masked-man was Suicide.

Suicide first emerged in the TNA IMPACT! video game, released in September 2008. It was there that fans got their first taste of the harrowing high-flyer and were able to play as Suicide himself in the game’s Story Mode. Suicide became such a fan-favorite that people around the world were wondering if we would ever see Suicide in a real-life TNA Wrestling ring. Their wish would be granted.

In late 2008, Suicide debuted on TNA programming. Vignettes began to air asking the question “Who is Suicide?”. At December 2008’s Final Resolution pay-per-view, Suicide made his debut, attacking then X-Division Champion Alex Shelley and his fellow Motor City Machine Gun, Chris Sabin. Suicide’s intentions were clear – he was coming for the X-Division Title.

Suicide quickly climbed to the top of the X-Division – literally – when he won Ultimate X at Destination X to dethrone Alex Shelley as Champion in March 2009. He went on to defy the odds by defending his Title in a series of multi-man match-ups, including an Xscape match at Lockdown and the first-ever X-Division King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. His identity may be a mystery but the name Suicide is one that fans of TNA Wrestling will never forget.

Now, Suicide is back to continue fighting injustice. In this case, Moose and his recent string of attacks on the TNA veterans. Moose better have eyes in the back of his head – Suicide has come alive.

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