Who Rules the IMPACT Wrestling Kingdom?

Who would win in a fight between a Moose and a Rhino? You’re about to find out at Hard to Kill, January 12th on pay-per-view when these two behemoths go one-on-one.

It all started with a simple verbal exchange. On a recent episode of IMPACT, Moose told Rhino that he should have come to him for advice after losing to RVD in an Old School Rules Match. After all, Moose was victorious over The Whole Dam Show last summer at Slammiversary. Rhino doesn’t like being told what to, causing a huge brawl to erupt between them in the backstage area. Rhino got the upper-hand and delivered a vicious Gore to the self-proclaimed greatest multi-sport athlete of all time. Later in the night, the two were involved in another brawl after security could not keep them apart.

At Hard To Kill, there will be no security when Moose and Rhino are unleashed in what is sure to be a wild collision.

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