Who Will Be World Champion in 2020?

2019 was an unforgettable year in IMPACT Wrestling history and you can relive it’s greatest moments on our Best of 2019 Two Week Special, December 28th and January 4th at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch. But before we get there, let’s take a look at who we think will be IMPACT World Champion in 2020.

The first challenge for reigning World Champion Sami Callihan will come on January 12th at Hard To Kill when he defends his title against long-time rival Tessa Blanchard. Callihan may not admit that Blanchard is a threat but we believe that’s far from the truth. Yes, Blanchard has fallen short to Callihan in the past but that has provided her with learning opportunities that can only be taught by failure. However, Callihan’s loyal followers in oVe always seem to play a factor in the outcome of his matches. If Blanchard’s new found ally Ken Shamrock can somehow eliminate Madman Fulton when they meet one-on-one at Hard To Kill, Blanchard may only have to worry about Dave and Jake Crist.

We know that Callihan is a master manipulator when it comes to mind games and that will likely be his key to victory if he’s able to defeat Blanchard at Hard To Kill. Just this past Tuesday, Callihan vowed to expose the truth about Blanchard in an attempt to weaken her mental game. Much to the chagrin of Callihan, there was no backing down from Blanchard as she confronted him head on, leading to a brawl on the streets of New York City. Blanchard is poised and ready to become IMPACT World Champion.

Whoever makes it out of Hard To Kill with the World Title around their waist will have a long line of competitors waiting to challenge them. At Hard To Kill alone, we have match ups like Brian Cage vs RVD, Moose vs Rhino, Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards and Ken Shamrock vs Madman Fulton. All of these bouts will be sure to shed some light on potential contenders for the IMPACT World Championship.

If we had to pick one of these competitors who we thought would be World Champion in 2020, our money would be on Moose. The self-proclaimed greatest multi-sport athlete of all time has come incredibly close to winning the World Title on previous occasions, but has never sealed the deal. Moose has looked as dominant as ever in recent months, scoring a massive victory over MMA legend Ken Shamrock at Bound for Glory and picking a fight with one of the most intense individuals on the IMPACT Wrestling roster, Rhino. Moose has been at the top of IMPACT Wrestling ever since his debut in 2016 and 2020 should be his year to shine. If he can defeat Rhino at Hard To Kill and rack up another few impressive victories, he could be next in line for a shot at the gold.

Of course, Eddie Edwards is also in possession of the Call Your Shot Trophy which he won in a gruelling gauntlet at Bound for Glory. This grants him an opportunity at any title of his choosing whenever and wherever he wants. On paper, that gives him a huge advantage over anyone else on the roster. We also know that Michael Elgin wants the Trophy for himself but Edwards has been reluctant to put it on the line in their match at Hard To Kill.

No matter what happens, the IMPACT World Title picture is as competitive as ever. Who will be World Champion in 2020? There’s only one way to find out – watch it all unfold on IMPACT Wrestling.